Wednesday 25 April 2012

Thinking Out Loud

Having seen an evocative image on Bob Corderys' Blog I popped into the local B&Q to see what options I could peruse.

Bobs Blog is at:

The setup created by a wargamer called Ian Dury has called for some investigation.

The tiles Ian has made looked like MDF or carpet tiles or carpet underlay.

At B&Q I found two possible options.

One was Wood Fibreboard Underlay, a big pack costing £24 and would contain enough for an absolute ton of tiles. I have looked at this material before and thought that it wasn't very robust and could be difficult to cut accurately. I also think that it would be difficult to take paint.

The second was standard carpet tiles at £3 for a two foot square. Lots of different colours were available including greens, browns and greys. The tiles had a rubberised backing which might or might not be easily cut with a stanley knife.

Looking back at Ians tabletop I am not convinced that he used either of these options. I am more inclined to say that he used carpet tile without the rubberised backing. I wonder if we can get this question answered directly? (Bob?)


  1. Jim,

    I am about to send Ian Dury an email asking for details about the raw materials he used to make his board. If and when I get a reply, I will write a blog entry that passes on his ideas.

    All the best,


  2. Jim

    Poundland. 4 tiles, no backing, £1.


    1. Thanks Phil

      I will have explore Poundland then!


    2. Just checked out the local Poundland.

      No carpet tiles.

      I did get some Ant killer though as we have a few in the house at the moment.


  3. You won't find the same sort of tiles I used I am afraid - they are unbacked carpet tiles that went out of production over 30 years ago!
    Ian M Dury

    1. Thanks for letting us know Ian.

      I have spent some time looking for suitable alternatives. I will find something soon enough.

      I may have found it already, cork flooring tiles. They'll need a bit of paint and some flock but I'm sure they will do.

      I'll make a test piece soon.

      Many thanks!