Friday 25 September 2015

WIP or WNIP, Warband, Warmaster and Me

Had another poor day yesterday (Thursday), many trips to the toilet, minimal bread and water diet, what doesn't come straight back up goes straight through regardless, headaches, nausea, irritability, unable to read for more than a few minutes, certainly nowhere near able to visit the man-hut. I'm 12 pounds lighter than I was on Monday.

On the upside, first trip outdoors yesterday but only as far as the surgery for another blood test. Psychologically damaging in that I had to be driven there in my own car, helped out my seat in the waiting room by my wife and shepherded hither and thither.

I had a short discussion with the practice nurse about my infection. One possibility was a friend who recently had gastroenteritis. Unlikely since he is of an age similar to me and would probably have been floored like me, so probably not him.

I was at a wargames show south of the border recently, hundreds of people there, I also used their toilets and ate some food in their restaurant, certainly a possibility. Unfortunately NHS England haven't published their monthly virus outbreak report yet, so still a possibility.

I also visited the local infirmary for my pre-op check. It's a very big hospital so it was crowded with people some of whom could well have been carrying my virus. Hospitals and sick people go hand in hand, don't they! (Tamsin, you might be right here)

Got an early blood test result today, yes, still infected, not sure what with for a few more days yet. Another one scheduled for a fortnight, god, is it going to take that long? I'm due my gall bladder surgery in just over two weeks.

Tried some dry low-sugar cereal this morning, it has stayed down. A small glass of shaken Lucozade, still too fizzy, mostly stayed down. A couple of soft boiled eggs for tea, boy do I feel stuffed.

I did venture out to the man-hut this evening, well Strictly was on.

I snapped the current status of this and that as it was easier to press buttons on the camera rather than wave a paintbrush at some figures.

Here's what I found:

A unit of Bison Riders based, saboted and tufted.

You can see that matching scenic effects of the bases and the sabot make a difference to the end result. The sabot version, of course, is for Warband.

Three of the bases without a sabot is a Warmaster unit.

These are 'new' High Elf cavalry from Pendraken.

Note the spacers in the sabot to give the impression of a number of 'squadrons' operating together.

These can come off the sabot too, obviously.

They then become a Warmaster High Elf cavalry unit.

Here's an example of WNIP (work not in progress).

Bases and sabots.

Kallistra Teutonic Knights awaiting their 'magical' transformation into Empire Knights.

The 'skellies', patient as ever.

Some High Elf archers, perhaps a little less patient.

That's all I can manage for the time being. I'm saving up my energy to cheer on Wales and Ferrari tomorrow and then the Scots and Ferrari again on Sunday.

Monday 14 September 2015

I'm Out

Queue Fireworks:

They might be pretty Fireworks but I feel like a damp squib.

My fever, generalised ache and diarrhoea have subsided sufficiently well enough and my neck stiffness and my photophobia have gone completely, so, what did they do, they let me out.

My temperature at one point was 39.1 Celsius (over 102 Fahrenheit) but I was shivering like a, ehm, a very cold thing. I was hoping for a sponge bath from a pretty young nurse (female obviously) but fat chance.

I'm out though but still infectious, antiseptic wipes appear miraculously everywhere I go and I feel as strong as a supersoaked tissue.

Meningitis was taken off the suspect list fairly quickly despite me having most of the common symptoms so suspicion fell on a gastro-intestinal cause and eventually detected as adenovirus. What does that mean, god, I don't know, google it. The high point of my visit is that the CT scan confirmed I have a brain.

If you are interested in lumbar punctures ask me about the seven holes in my back.

The viral source is usually airborne from an infected client or sometimes an infected surface or contaminated water. So whoever, or whatever it was Thanks. The incubation period is 2 to 14 days so I ain't going far in that time period (from last Friday) but energy wise I'll be at least a week anyway getting well enough.

Thanks for the good wishes and offers of help, thanks guys (and gals).

Sunday 13 September 2015

A Short Break in Service

I'm getting out, today, once a piece of paper turns up, apparently the NHS can't function verbally.


Am now in an isolation ward, oh joy.

Second update

When medical staff come into my room they "gown up".

Apologies to everyone.

I am having a short break care of the National Health Service.

I had many of the symptoms of meningitis but after a few blood tests, umpteen anti-biotics, a CT scan, an X-RAY, poked, prodded and tickled, a lumbar puncture (very painful) it has been decided it is not meningitis but otherwise a severe viral infection.

This posting has been brought to you from my Kindle via my mobile phone WiFi hotspot. You learn something new every day.

Thursday 10 September 2015

Warband - Barbarians - WIP

Here's how far I have got with the Warriors from the Pendraken Barbarian Pack.

25 figures, including a scratch built standard of three 40 x 20 Warmaster bases and a Pendraken Warband sabot (100 x 50 mm).

Scenic clutter and die to follow.

The are three Warrior units in the pack.

Without the sabots and shuffled around a wee bit they become three Warmaster units.

Here's the Bison Riders from earlier fully tufted up on a Warband sabot.

And off the sabot.

I am planning to use these as proper Barbarians, on the sabots, with the Warband rules.

They also become Warmaster troops without the sabots.

How am I doing?

Sunday 6 September 2015

Border Reiver 2015

South of the Border,
Down Gateshead way.
That's where I drove my car,
Where guys I love, came out to play.

OK, cut the crap, there's no love involved, just a bit of camaraderie (is that a real word?).

After a couple of hours of trouble free motoring I arrived at the Gateshead International Stadium.

I turned up before the show opened so I sauntered in via the open and unguarded fire exit to see if any of my trader chums were in need of a hand to carry their goodies in. Nope, all done there. I spied a couple of old chums setting up their display game but they had everything to hand as well.

I wandered over to the ticket desk and the guys there told me (with a smile) if I wasn't a trader or a demonstrator I was breaking their health and safety guidelines and I would have to leave. After a wee chat with them I retired to the canteen and gave in to a bacon buttie and a cup of tea. (Bacon is off my normal menu but what the hell, I was south of the border.

As soon as 10 o'clock came along I joined what appeared to be a very short queue waiting to get in. It started to move slowly and on turning a corner saw that the queue was twice as long as I thought it was and on turning the next corner (there was a lot of corners) it had doubled again. All of which was a good sign for such a small show.

Note: (For the Gateshead guys) At Claymore we also have a queue at the opening hour but prior to the doors being opened we have a couple of guys who pre-sell tickets to those in the queue which makes the queue disappear rapidly once the show is opened.

Once I was officially in I had a chat with a Gateshead guy called Robin (I think). I told him that this was the first show I had been to in a good while where I wasn't running a charity stall. I was here to see the show itself which is very hard to do while doing the hard sell. He said I would have been given a table without question if I had asked but no, I want to be a wargamer again.

The hall was already buzzing, traders doing their business, wargamers rolling their dice and all that jazz. The sodium lighting in the hall was horrendous making everything appear yellow. Photography was going to be difficult.

In my time honoured tradition I focussed only on a very few games (I'm not Henry Hyde) and in particular those which caught my eye for one reason or another.

First up was my old pals from the Dumfries club. They were demonstrating an episode from the Battle of Spotsylvania, the Mule Shoe Salient using the relatively new Longstreet rules.

(See how yellow everything looks)

A hoard of Yankees (about a brigades worth) were attempting to storm a defended hill in Rebel hands. Here's some of them waiting at the edge of a wooded area.

The Southern Gentlemen waited patiently on them.

I passed the battle later on in the day, here is the view from the other direction.

A leisurely paced game as the Dumfries guys, like me, took every chance to have a blether rather than roll more dice or play a card.

Here's a closer view of the attacking brigade.

The next game that caught my eye was a naval game set in the Russo-Japanese War.

This is the Borodino leading the Russian line.

Just count them funnels.

The Japanese, lead by the Mikasa (looked like the Mikasa, sailed like the Mikasa, so must have been the Mikasa) patiently awaited the Russian advance.

Come on you at the end, get into line!

The game was presented by the Tantobie Warfare and Tactical Society.The rules in use were Battlefleet 1900, free from the following link. I must have a look at these sometime.

The ships are from Old Glory and are 1:600 scale.

Tiger, Tiger, no, not another warship game but a tankie game. Falkirk District club put on their  'Get the Tiger game, or perhaps, get the Sherman game'. A good participation game, drew a small crowd, and more importantly young gamers. (Well, you've got to get them interested in the first place).

A well thought out game but handicapped a bit by tabletop clutter. Come on guys, sort that.

Some of the clutter was interesting:

And informative:

Here are some details:

This clutter would have been better on a noticeboard.

Here's a well painted Tiger sporting a gaming accessory.

A victim (Sherman) ambles forward.

Zulus, Thousands of Them (a few hundred anyway) attack the invading red coats. Maybe the red coats were invading Zululand, does it matter?)

This game was presented by Westerhope Wargames Club (somewhere up the left hand side of the A1). Small but perfectly formed, they say.

Small but perfectly formed Zulus do a bit of 'Strictly' prior to a tangle (tango) with the Brits.

Just as small but even more perfectly formed the British Jury awaits the first dance.

Well that's enough of Border Reiver for today. I retired to the canteen with a few of the guys for yet another blether. A passable Cornish Pasty and a few chips bolstered me sufficiently energy wise enough to drive home in the sunshine to ponder my goodies acquired on the day. Two and a half hours of driving this time as there were a few 'Sunday' motorists out a day early.

First up was another Warband Army pack from Pendraken, High Elves this time.

I hope to get these based up in Warmaster style and also have sabots more suitable for Warband.

Here are the sabots from Pendraken.

And some more 100 x 50 mm bases as I will be scratch building some sabots.

I also got some dice frames.

And some game markers.

Finally I got some pansy coloured paints for the High Elves. I've never done High Elves before so I think some pansy colours will help my lack of artistical eye.

I unbagged the High Elves to peer at the castings. Here's what you get in an army pack.

I'll get 8 Warband units out of them but also 5 Warmaster fighting units and some command.

The spearmen are regularly irregular or maybe irregularly regular.

What do you think?

I would have started painting them straight away but I have these to finish first.

Some 'skellies' complete with scratch built standards.

And these:

Peely Wally Barbarians just needing a bit of colour.

There are some other photo reports of the show at: