Wednesday 27 May 2015

Fingers On Buzzers

What am I up to?

I'm ditching a lot of these:

and I'm making a lot of these.

Just what am I up to?

Answers on a postcard or in reply to this post.


The best clue is in the first picture!

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Can't See the Wood for the Trees

While rummaging through my drawers ...

I found some Warbases regimental trays,

a few small coins of the Realm,

some scraps of plasticard,

and a bag of small trees I had recently traded (thanks Tim).

I thought that I could do something constructive with them.

I cut up the plasticard into small octogons a little bit smaller than a penny. I drilled small holes through the middle and glued the tree trunks into them. I stuck them on the pennies.

I then textured the bases and painted them greenish.

I also textured the regimental trays and painted them greenish too!

Putting them altogether looked like this.

A little small for 28mm.

A little large for 6mm.

Just fine for 15mm.

Oh Oh!

My wargames hut is getting untidy again.

Several batches of work in progress, 54mm WW2 British Infantry, 28mm Warlord Hanoverian Infantry, some Commanders and some Men of Rohan.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

First Aid Training - Get it Done

Many of you will know that I am a retired chap, just turned 65 last month but have been retired from working for 6 years now.

That in itself is nothing to shout about, loads of people have been there, done that, got the T-shirt etc.

My post today had been prompted by an event earlier this morning.

One of my neighbours came banging at the front door, screaming a bit, her boyfriend was in a bad way in their flat.  I ran over the road, found him on the floor, apparently having a fit, blue in the face, breathing erratically and thrashing about.

Despite being bitten twice, kicked a bit (he is a bodybuilder) I managed to get him breathing better and calmed him down a lot. He was trying to swallow his tongue and re-arrange my body parts at the same. Fortunately an ambulance turned up pretty quickly.

The point of my story is that if you have not done any first aid training then get some and soon, you may never know when it will be important to someone. I started my first aid training back in the late sixties and kept it up to date as often as I could. I never ever had reason to use that training until today. I hope it helped.

Your employer may be able to arrange something or if you are self employed then there are many other ways to get that experience.

This site may help:

I don't want people to comment on this post saying well done and all that, I'm not after that. I would like to hear that some of you have taken that step, perhaps already, and gotten some first aid training, you never know when you might need it.