Tuesday 11 February 2014

Dungeons and Dragons

Yet another little find amongst my old chums bits and pieces.

A relatively anonymous white box, slightly bigger than A5 sized, about as heavy as a paperback book so I knew it didn't have metal figures in it as I rattled it a bit to shake off the dust and stour.

Dungeons and Dragons it said on the lid. I remember them. I partied down a dungeon or two in my earlier years at the club. I was surprised that Iain had this as we always had used Advanced Heroquest whenever he or I hosted a dungeon adventure.

Never mind, lets have a look inside. The lid said a 3 volume set.

Yes, 3 booklets, all in very good order. Dated 1974 so these are the original set.


Three supplements, all from the same time period and the Reference Sheets.

So this is a very complete set of the original Dungeons and Dragons rules, in very good condition, owners name in ink in a few locations and several notes in pencil here and there.

I can see that these are on offer on sites such as eBay for silly money, £75 a booklet or so. I wonder what they really sell for. I would be open to a sensible offer. All proceeds to Combat Stress.

Monday 10 February 2014

A Week (weak) later ...

I am still feeling a little weak but progressing away from the hazy, spluttering, windy state I was in after I came back from Vapnartak in York.

I now feel better than my hut looks.

It used to look like this.
Not much difference (sarcasm)!


Friday 7 February 2014

A Thousand Words

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, probably of journalistic origin.

Given the tasks I have to hand following a week of spluttering coughs and other foul airs this picture is just how I feel today.

The image is taken from:

On the bright side I get to see a doctor on Tuesday who hasn't seen me before just like the last one in the local practice and the one before that in Tenerife last December. At least I'm not actually an equine or my former clients in the Dick Vet would be reaching for a certain large syringe.

Monday 3 February 2014

A Dusty Find

I am continuing to uncover little surprises as I clear the shelves in my recently deceased best friends garage. The cobwebs, dead spiders, mummified wasps and layers of dust and grime were quite expected but underneath one particular lump I found, perhaps, a timely pile.

Green and rectangular they were, not heavy at all and swiftly recovered back to my wargaming hut.

Here they are spread along the only clear (but narrow) section of my 12 foot long table.

They are 300mm x 300mm cork tiles painted green and marked off in 100mm squares. There are enough to cover my entire tabletop.

There are a good number of thicker pieces nicely chamfered along the edge.

Here they are with a few 10mm figures for scale. The squares are 100mm wide or 4 inches for those of an imperial mind.

Given the recent waves of interest in Old School wargaming and square grids in particular I am sure I will be able to deploy these when ever I get my tabletop cleared. Peer back at my leading picture and you will see that my tabletop is stacked ceiling high with some of my old chums figures, books and rulesets. Those in sight are about one quarter of the total, another quarter is out of sight in the hut, a third is at a friends house for viewing and the fourth quarter is already sold. I have raised over £2000 so far which will form a donation to Combat Stress in my friends name.

Finally, I can report on a recent purchase which should prove useful once I start gaming again, particularly in games where no grid is used.

It is a sheet of Perspex, cunningly cut and engraved by my good friends at Figures in Comfort. My Imperial version, in clear Perspex has an 8 inch ruler on one edge with 1", 2", 4" and 6" lengths on the other edges and has 30º and 45º angles etched inside. Very useful indeed.

These can be purchased from Figures in Comfort in a variety of forms including Metric, mine cost £6 so I bought two.