Thursday 21 February 2019

Just For You Bob

A games friend recently admired my 10mm figure painting and said

"I don't know how you do it! They are wonderful!

I wish that I had your painting skill ... but my eyesight (even with my new glasses) and the arthritis in my hands mean that I cannot paint that accurately."

I didn't think they were anything special but here is how I do it, just for you Bob.

These are 10mm Pendraken Napoleonics painted in a form of 'toy soldier' style. It works for me.

This is the figure cleaned up and mounted on a painting stick with a blob of blu-tac.

I use a Revell number 3 brush which is not that small.

I paint the entire figure white, a sort of undercoat.

I paint the arms, front and back blue and the back of the coat leaving the front of the jacket, the legs and the head white.

I paint the entire head, face and hair and helmet black and the boots black.

I paint the sword including the hand gunmetal.

I paint the plume red.

I paint the face and the hands a flesh colour. I forgot the left hand, will get that later. I use a Coat d'arms 3/0 brush which is a little bit smaller.

I paint the sword scabbard and belt black.

I paint two little V shapes white on the coat tails.

I gloss varnish the entire figure. I will paint the base green later just prior to basing.

This is how he will look when based up.

This is how a full wargames unit looks.

None of this painting requires excellent eyesight, adequate will do, a lot of the end result is dependent on using the correct technique, This is my technique (one of them anyway). Once they are 4 foot away they will look dandy.