Thursday 11 September 2014

Work In Progress - 12mm Napoleonics - 3 Weeks On

Progress continues to be made with my old friends 12mm Napoleonic collection.

I have quite a few painted units now, many of them based but not yet textured or flocked.

I feel a flocking evening coming on!

The French have four close order infantry units, two light infantry units, a commander with his escort and a solitary dragoon unit.

Meanwhile the British have a single close order unit, two light infantry units, a commander with escort and two units of light dragoons. A further three close order units are almost ready.

I think they are coming along nicely.

More importantly I have almost cleared one of my 6 foot by 4 foot tables.

I will do some artillery next.

Thursday 4 September 2014

Waterloo Campaign - The German Victory

Like many wargamers I am fully aware of the great British (ahem) victory against the French at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. I have walked upon the slopes of Mont-Saint-Jean.

Yes, I know it was actually an Anglo-Dutch army ably supported by some of the Prussian army that fought on the battlefield and I also know that many of Wellingtons men were Hanoverians, Nassauers and Brunswickers.

I am also aware of the lead-up battles at Quatre Bras and Ligny and also the other battle of the day at Wavre where more of the Prussians fought against the 'missing' French under Grouchy. I also know of the approaching Austrians and Russians whose presence might have helped had things hung on a bit longer.

Being a Scot I am quite happy to admit that the great British victory was actually an Allied affair and am quite able to read between the lines of the victors histories to see the real story.

This lead me to my recent read.

1815   The Waterloo Campaign   The German Victory   Peter Hofschroer

I won't provide any 'spoilers' to prospective readers other than to say that there was a bit more to the story in combat terms from the day after Waterloo (or the Battle of la Belle Alliance) including the 'fortress battles' and the 'capture of Paris'.

A bargain from Amazon at £12.30 including postage, well worth reading no matter where your allegiances lie.