Wednesday 29 July 2015

Claymore 2015

My club show is on this Saturday - Claymore 2015.

There will be lots of these:

And a good few of these:

And loads and loads of these (hopefully)


Quite a few traders will be coming too!

And, of course, I will be running a charity stand with profits mostly going to Combat Stress although a few other charities may get some consideration.

A slideshow of previous Claymore pictures can be found here:

Photo credits to:

Michael John Harker of the Glasgow Phoenix Club

Monday 13 July 2015

A Walled Churchyard - Multi-Scale

I have a fairly large 'resin' pile as well as respectable plastic and lead mountains.

I needed some terrain for a series of games and I had none to hand so I painted up some of the resin.

A nice little church (more likely called a kirk in my part of the world).

It is 6mm in size so is fairly dinky, the maker is unknown to me but I'm sure someone will come along and remind me.

It seems a little bit lost and forlorn by itself so I made a walled churchyard to accompany it.

I used some grey foamboard which I had lying about which is about 3mm thick. I squared off a chunk about 150mm by 150mm. I cut some walls and pillars about 10mm high from the same board, chewed them up a bit to add some character and scored in some surface detail.

I glued them down with a mix of contact adhesive and brushed on superglue (it works great) and then added some further detailing with gravel, sand and static grass.

I had incorporated a little platform made from steel paper just slightly larger than the footprint of the church model which has a layer of magnetic tape glue underneath.

I had also added a few gravestones.

Altogether they look like this.

Although it is 6mm sized it does not look out of place with Warmaster figures (nominally 10mm but actually about 12mm).

See what I mean?

It is perfect for 6mm Napoleonics.

And pretty good for 10mm WW2.

What do you think guys?

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Hearts of Oak - Jury is Out

So here we go, into the fray ...

Hearts of Oak Are Our Ships, Jolly Tars Are Our Men, We Always Are Ready ...

We've lost some masts and are on fire.

No matter, after the battle we can cut away the damage.

OK Sir, how do we sail home?

Jury Rig is the answer.

Watch out for a following post where I hope to reveal the secrets of my modelling ships of the line in the age of sail. (Obvious really to a half decent modeller)

The model is an Airfix HMS Victory in 1/600 scale.