Saturday 17 January 2015

Casualty Markers

In between finishing one unit and starting the next I had a go at making some casualty markers.

I used the casualty figures supplied in a boxed unit.

The bases are 40mm square by Litko and the dice holders are from Minibits.

Some rulesets need to keep track of unit casualties and this method saves pen and paper.

They are really simple to make up.

And they are really simple to use.

In fact you need not use a casualty figures at all, a simple dice in a holder on a little base will suffice.

Have a go yourselves.

Saturday 10 January 2015

25mm Elephants

A recent posting on TMP about 25mm elephants prompted me to drag mine out of my lead pile.

First up is a Minifigs offering complete with scratch built trunk.

I have posted about this model earlier.

Next up is from an unknown manufacturer. Now known to be Garrison.

I understand that this one is from Garrison.

No idea on this one either, note no howdah.

And finally Hinchcliffe.

Here is the entire herd, one day I hope to finish them.