Sunday 26 June 2016

Sabots and Magnets

My latest change in the way I do things is use sabots and magnets as supplied by our good friends at Warbases.

A sabot looks like this:

This is a 4x2 with 1p (UK) slots and precut magnet holes. Ideal for an 8 figure group in Sharp Practice.

Here are the magnets, 5mm wide by 2mm deep, same as the holes in the MDF. They are small and powerful. I would be careful putting them near a credit card or any other electro-magnetic storage device.

This is a sabot with magnets installed.

As it happens the first one or two times I used these the magnets were slightly smaller than the holes so I secured them with a touch of superglue. This time I had to gently enlarge the holes with a small round file as the magnets wouldn't otherwise fit in. They did not need glued.

This is a completed sabot base (2x2 for Black Powder) with figures based on UK one pennies which are steel centred.

Matching up the terrain on the pennies with the terrain on the sabot marries the two together.

Tipping the sabot over does not dislodge the figures.

Nor does turning the sabot over.

The beauty of this technique is that you can have the same figures mounted on 2x2's for Black Powder and 4x2's for Sharp Practice. Just change the sabot. If you have a ruleset which requires 3x2's just make more sabots.

Saturday 25 June 2016

Woodland Indians - Hurons

If you go down to my woods today you'll sure get a big surprise.

Well I did.

I actually finished a unit, first time for at least a couple of months. Amazing what a touch of laziness tempered with a lack of focus and a four week holiday in the sun can do to you.

So, here are a group of 12 Huron Indians sans leader as part of my Sharp Practice French 1755 force.

Figures by Galloping Major.

Painted by my good hands, mucked up by my bad eyes.

Figure bases by Her Majesty's Mint, sabots by Warbases.

Note the embedded magnets.

What do you think guys?

Wednesday 22 June 2016

UK Politics

I must admit I am not a very clever man but I have always got by.

The current political system in the UK is in terrible disarray. I don't understand what is happening.

I like to use analogies to explain things.

Here is my best stab at UK politics.