Sunday 30 April 2023

Butterfly Mode

 After a few commissions, tartan and all, I gave into my internal butterfly and flitted over some neglected projects occupying space on my playing table.

First up is the Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Foot.

A free sprue with Wargames Illustrated Magazine with a sample from Warlord Games EPIC ECW.

Here they are on on non-standard 60x60 MDF bases (Warbases) waiting for some dressing.

The figures are 13.5mm from foot to eyeline or 15mm and gave me a chance to experiment with some contrast paints.

The latest addition to my Boxer rebellion collection is another Chinese house; roof partially tiled and back in the 'must finish this' pile.

I fully painted the interior (didn't need to) but I did.

A farm building to go with my EPIC ACW collection.

My version of the Louisiana Tigers (just a battalions worth).

You can just about see the striped trousers (pants).

I have a few EPIC ACW painted in more regular colour schemes.

Some 28mm Elves (in brown) for LOTR collection (an eBay item tarted up).

Some Men of Gondor for the same collection.

My Pendraken 10mm British 7YW collection, rebased and up for sale soon.

Eight Regiments of Horse, Dragoons, Light Dragoons and Dragoon Guards and some infantry with ordnance.

I have some Russians and French in the pipeline.

I have since picked up another big commission so better get a move on.