Saturday 15 December 2018

7YW Brigadier - WIP

I need a commander for the 7YW Prussian brigade I am painting for a friend.

Eagle Miniatures supplied the figures at a recent show. Here he is with an ADC awaiting some tufts and static grass.

In the background is the next 7YW Prussian battalion from Crusader and some artillery by Eagle Miniatures.

The black undercoat gives a great basecolour for Prussian Blue.

Sunday 9 December 2018

Romans at Waterloo

Well, not really, they just happen to be on my painting table at the same time as some Napoleonics I am doing for a friend.

Caesarian Romans recently purchased at a recent show for a good price.

They paint up nicely and hopefully will sell nicely at the next show.

I combined both the pila armed men and the gladius armed men into two units.

Next up are the British Light infantry I am doing for a friend.

Just got static grass and tufts to do then they can be off to their new owner.

Next in the queue are some 7YW Prussians.