Monday, 14 September 2015

I'm Out

Queue Fireworks:

They might be pretty Fireworks but I feel like a damp squib.

My fever, generalised ache and diarrhoea have subsided sufficiently well enough and my neck stiffness and my photophobia have gone completely, so, what did they do, they let me out.

My temperature at one point was 39.1 Celsius (over 102 Fahrenheit) but I was shivering like a, ehm, a very cold thing. I was hoping for a sponge bath from a pretty young nurse (female obviously) but fat chance.

I'm out though but still infectious, antiseptic wipes appear miraculously everywhere I go and I feel as strong as a supersoaked tissue.

Meningitis was taken off the suspect list fairly quickly despite me having most of the common symptoms so suspicion fell on a gastro-intestinal cause and eventually detected as adenovirus. What does that mean, god, I don't know, google it. The high point of my visit is that the CT scan confirmed I have a brain.

If you are interested in lumbar punctures ask me about the seven holes in my back.

The viral source is usually airborne from an infected client or sometimes an infected surface or contaminated water. So whoever, or whatever it was Thanks. The incubation period is 2 to 14 days so I ain't going far in that time period (from last Friday) but energy wise I'll be at least a week anyway getting well enough.

Thanks for the good wishes and offers of help, thanks guys (and gals).


  1. Jim,

    It is good to know that the doctors have diagnosed what is wrong with you and that the treatment is beginning to have some affect. Hopefully you will now recover quickly.

    Good luck,


    1. My GP came to the house within 40 minutes of a phone call, that was handy, she quickly assessed it as something she couldn't deal with there and then so called for an ambulance, that took about an hour, again quite speedy. The first response doctor I saw at the hospital was very thorough in going through my symptoms, my case history and all that, ordered a whole lot of tests, blood , X-RAY, CT scan etc and declared that my diarrhoea was a red herring. Most of the testing was 2,3 and 4 in the morning so I was a complete zombie by the subsequent morning rounds (actually about 2 in the afternoon) when the head doctor identified gastro-enteritis as the culprit and not meningitis. Unfortunately all the treatment so far was completely useless for gastro-enteritis so it was bed rest, fluids and pain killers waiting for more test results. He was stunned when I ate a meal the following day, a brave man he called me, but I was hungry and it stayed down unlike everything else I had previously. Once my temperature was normal-ish for 24 hours they said there's no point you being here as you will not get any more treatment. Fine I said, I can go home straight away. 8 hours later a piece of paper arrived to allow me to leave and, et voila, here I am.

  2. Heavens, that sounds nasty. Let's hope you pull round quickly and are feeling more chipper soon.

    1. It was 'nasty', no doubt about that.

      See my reply to Bob above.

      I think using my kindle via my mobile phone to document things as I went along helped more than anything else.

  3. Glad to hear you're out - hospitals are dangerous places to be in for more than a day or two. Take things easy while you get over the worst of the infection - time to read all those rulebooks you've meant to but never got round to.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

    1. Am just about to explore the unfinished work in my hut hoping to establish what needs to done and when by. I'm hoping a 'focus point' will steer me along a path to better health.

    2. That was a bad idea.

      I managed the one step down and the six steps up to my hut, slow but sure but when I looked at a 10mm cavalryman my head fell off.

      Where has it rolled to, I can't find it.

  4. Sorry to hear this but glad you appear posed to overcome it. It sounds ghastly! but experience suggests it would have felt even worse than it sounds.
    Best wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery.

    1. Being a man doesn't allow me to admit I was in tears a couple times.

      I suspect that recovery will be slower than I would like. I have figures screaming at me for a coat of paint.

  5. Nasty. Best of luck with your recovery

  6. Glad to hear you are out of hospital and please take care of yourself on the road to recovery.

    1. Thanks Alan.

      How are you?

      Send me a pm when you need to talk.

  7. Sorry to hear that Jim, all the best for a speedy recovery

    1. Thanks Russ.

      I think having access to the internet helped enormously while in the isolation room.

  8. Hey Jim. Glad your back home. Sounds like the NHS pulled through! Though the 8 hour wait for the discharge sounds familiar!

    Hmm. Your head fell off! Sounds like you should have done a head swap with one of your lead figures - might have made you feel better! The moment you posted that you were going to the man-shed I thought - 'this isn't going to end well". I missed my calling as a nagging overweight sergeant major nurse. Get to bed and stay there. If you need toys to play with send someone to fetch them for you.

    Let me know when your good for a visit. I promise to leave the SM Nurse at home.

  9. I am glad the diagnosis got made, and its only an Adenovirus infection! - trust me, that's not as bad as some other things presenting the same way as you did!

    I have a suspicion you may have had some toxaemia (poison in the blood) from the severe infection, or maybe a degree of encephalitis (brain infection) - though that is rare. Either way, take it easy, and drink plenty, you will gradually improve!

    Wargaming activities will wait!

    1. Sounds like you understand medicine a bit.

      I learned a few words and terminology because of the this episode.

      Febrile - hot WCC of 12.4 white cell count - reasonable

      CRP 19 - dunno adenovirus - covered that already

      afebrile - not so hot photophobia - dislike of bright lights

      isolation - produces extreme boredom and frustration

      WiFi Hotspot - reduces extreme boredom and frustration

  10. Glad you're out Jim - you must have a backlog of painting to do.

    1. My backlog comprises of several different categories.

      I am still painting 28mm Victrix Napoleonic from Iains collection for charity sale.

      I have Napoleonics of my own which I am adding to the sale.

      I am completing three massive Warmaster armies mostly with GW originals but also with Pendraken proxy figures. A fourth army will be completely Pendraken.

      I have about 50 WW2 54mm figures from Iains collection to complete for sale.

      I have three large armies of Kallistra figures part finished.

      I am still adding units to my 30mm Spencer Smith ACW armies, as well as my 6mm Baccus ACE armies.

      I could double the above list quite easily and then double it again without buying another figure.

      I am still buying figures.

  11. Hi Jim. Been a while since your last update. Just checking in that all is okay?

  12. Weak as a baby now.

    Now on bread and water only.

    Another blood test this morning.

    Unable to raise much energy or enthusiasm at the moment.

  13. Morning Jim. I'm sure you're being well looked after but if you need anything or a visit give me a shout. Only an hour away.

    1. That's a nice offer but I'm still infectious, technically, and the bug I'm carrying is not one you would like yourself but would be more dangerous for Calum or any other juvenile.

      I'm not expecting blood results until at least Tuesday, there is a suspicion that there is something else happening alongside gastroenteritis.

      I have lost 11 pounds in the last few days, that's a bread and water diet for you. I will be trying to recover some of that soon.

      Still expecting my gallbladder options to go ahead on October 8th.

      Take care yourself.