Friday 25 September 2015

WIP or WNIP, Warband, Warmaster and Me

Had another poor day yesterday (Thursday), many trips to the toilet, minimal bread and water diet, what doesn't come straight back up goes straight through regardless, headaches, nausea, irritability, unable to read for more than a few minutes, certainly nowhere near able to visit the man-hut. I'm 12 pounds lighter than I was on Monday.

On the upside, first trip outdoors yesterday but only as far as the surgery for another blood test. Psychologically damaging in that I had to be driven there in my own car, helped out my seat in the waiting room by my wife and shepherded hither and thither.

I had a short discussion with the practice nurse about my infection. One possibility was a friend who recently had gastroenteritis. Unlikely since he is of an age similar to me and would probably have been floored like me, so probably not him.

I was at a wargames show south of the border recently, hundreds of people there, I also used their toilets and ate some food in their restaurant, certainly a possibility. Unfortunately NHS England haven't published their monthly virus outbreak report yet, so still a possibility.

I also visited the local infirmary for my pre-op check. It's a very big hospital so it was crowded with people some of whom could well have been carrying my virus. Hospitals and sick people go hand in hand, don't they! (Tamsin, you might be right here)

Got an early blood test result today, yes, still infected, not sure what with for a few more days yet. Another one scheduled for a fortnight, god, is it going to take that long? I'm due my gall bladder surgery in just over two weeks.

Tried some dry low-sugar cereal this morning, it has stayed down. A small glass of shaken Lucozade, still too fizzy, mostly stayed down. A couple of soft boiled eggs for tea, boy do I feel stuffed.

I did venture out to the man-hut this evening, well Strictly was on.

I snapped the current status of this and that as it was easier to press buttons on the camera rather than wave a paintbrush at some figures.

Here's what I found:

A unit of Bison Riders based, saboted and tufted.

You can see that matching scenic effects of the bases and the sabot make a difference to the end result. The sabot version, of course, is for Warband.

Three of the bases without a sabot is a Warmaster unit.

These are 'new' High Elf cavalry from Pendraken.

Note the spacers in the sabot to give the impression of a number of 'squadrons' operating together.

These can come off the sabot too, obviously.

They then become a Warmaster High Elf cavalry unit.

Here's an example of WNIP (work not in progress).

Bases and sabots.

Kallistra Teutonic Knights awaiting their 'magical' transformation into Empire Knights.

The 'skellies', patient as ever.

Some High Elf archers, perhaps a little less patient.

That's all I can manage for the time being. I'm saving up my energy to cheer on Wales and Ferrari tomorrow and then the Scots and Ferrari again on Sunday.


  1. Ugh. Jim, that sounds absolutely ghastly. I hope you get well soon. I tend to find terrain making the thing for illness as it doesn't demand much precision.

    1. 'Ghastly' is not a strong enough word for what is going through me, it needs a harsher word.

      I've lost 12 pounds since Monday which in the long term is good but doesn't half make you weak at the knees and everywhere else.

      I have slipped into 'Sheldon' mode (Big Bang Theory) about my personal hygiene. I even wash my hands before I wash my hands. I disinfect everything I touch in the bathroom. I'm not allowed to touch anything in the kitchen whereas previously I was the main meal maker.

      I did slap some scenic material on some bases and sabots last night and I hope to go out to the man-cave this afternoon to inspect the results.

  2. Jim what an awful time you are having, hang in there we are all rooting for you. Perhaps time to plan rather than do with regard to the hobby. Makes notes if you are up to it for the time you can put your ideas into pracrice.

    1. The problem is, Alan, is that I have already done all the planning I need to do to take me up to XMAS. It is the execution of the plans that is most frustrating at the moment.

  3. Hang in there Jim and as Mr Kinch says - something undemanding works well when ill and you will have the satisfaction of getting something done as well.

    I hope you are better soon.

    All the best,


    1. Hi David

      I have been known for my persistence in the past but even I must admit that it is wearing a bit thin for the time being.

      I might take up basket weaving as it is supposed to be therapeutic :)

  4. Dear Jim,

    Hope you get better soon. Looks as if you may just have to have a cuppa and watch the rugby. So look on the bright side - you could be English or Welsh

    1. Here I am, 20 days down the line, my symptoms are now pretty minimal, probably not infectious now but still waiting on the last set of test results. I have put a couple of pounds back on, am eating reasonably normally but still fairly weak. I might venture outdoors tomorrow.

      My gallbladder removal is still scheduled for the 8th.

      Looking forward to the next Australian game as well as South Africa.

  5. Hi Jim. Sounds like utter hell. At least your last comment suggests an upward movement in the curve? One hopes.
    Also looking forward to the rugby. Nervous about the South Africa game. Striking up a BBQ for Saturday night regardless of the weather!

    1. Been to hell and back again, don't want to go there again.

      I might try another photo-catalogue of what's been done and what is waiting to be done.

      I know I have not much in the way of deadlines but there are a couple of units I have promised to finish for a chum and there's all these new Warband figures I need to finish, and then there's all the second hand Warmaster figures, some more 30 mm ACW, some 15mm ACW and some 6mm ACW and ... and ... and on and on.

      The rugby has been great fun so far, just another two 'shock' results and I'll be a happy man.

      Another blood test on Monday and hopefully surgery on Thursday.