Sunday 13 September 2015

A Short Break in Service

I'm getting out, today, once a piece of paper turns up, apparently the NHS can't function verbally.


Am now in an isolation ward, oh joy.

Second update

When medical staff come into my room they "gown up".

Apologies to everyone.

I am having a short break care of the National Health Service.

I had many of the symptoms of meningitis but after a few blood tests, umpteen anti-biotics, a CT scan, an X-RAY, poked, prodded and tickled, a lumbar puncture (very painful) it has been decided it is not meningitis but otherwise a severe viral infection.

This posting has been brought to you from my Kindle via my mobile phone WiFi hotspot. You learn something new every day.


  1. Wishing you a very speedy recovery...... get well soon!

  2. Hope you have a rapid and trouble free recovery!

    1. Four years down the line so "rapid" has been removed from the argument.

      Thanks all the same.

  3. Jim,

    Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, but at least it wasn't hepatitis.

    A good friend of mine contracted a very serious viral infection in early March and he is still not back to 100% full health ... so take things easy until you are well again. In the meantime I am sure that all of your friends wish you well, and that your recovery is speedy.

    All the best,


    1. They haven't said I haven't got hepatitis yet.

      They have eliminated a few things but not that so far.

      More blood taken this afternoon.

  4. Yowch! - Lumbar punctures do hurt, don't they!

    I hope you get a speedy diagnosis soon and get better fast! - I hope the Antibiotics do the trick anyway!

    1. Just been told I am to be treated as an isolation patient so no little walks up and down the corridor.

  5. I hope you are better soon Jim - though I'm wearing gloves and a mask as I type this in case you are contagious!

    1. Hi Tim

      "Soon" fell off the menu a while ago. Knowing what I know about medical science it will be a few days yet before any results come back from the lab, until then they are treating me a "infectious", I can't mingle with fellow patients, minimal visitors, everyone, staff included, gets gowned
      before they enter my room. There's just me and my Kindle.

  6. Hi Jim.
    I could make a snide remark about 'isolation' and about bloody time but that would be cruel. Let me know when you're allowed visitors and I'll pop along. Can bring some old back issue magazines or the like? Or I can bung you a whole bunch of rules in PDF for your Kindle pleasure...

    1. Don't think that's gonna work.

      They've just tightened up my isolation another notch.

      Am OK for reading material, tons of books on my Kindle.

      Thanks for the offer.

      Keep an eye on the blog, it's the only thing keeping me sane (don't laugh) at the moment.

    2. Will do (eye on blog) but shoot me an email if you need anything.