Thursday 31 May 2018

What a Template

I feel I am a wee bit behind the times in that I have missed the opening flurry of games and comments about 'What A Tanker' from the Too Fat Lardies. That's what having a 4 day family wedding as well as health issues does to you.

In an effort to catch up I asked my good friend Martin at Warbases if he could make me a tank template to use in the game and a couple duly arrived in this mornings post.

The dice, which are a standard 12mm are my own but the red and green acrylic markers come with the template as well as a couple of name plates which if you used both sides gives you four varieties of tank types which should be enough to keep budding panzer aces going for a wee while.

The dials are of the 'twist' variety and should cover all the values required by the rules.

I understand that these were on sale at Carronade earlier this month so some of you may well be ahead of me on this one. I'm not sure what price they come at.

Now all I need to do is to cobble up some armour and scrabble up some mates for a game.

Ehm, maybe reading the rules will help!

Oh, and make some space on my table...

Hopefully someone will be offering a participation option of this game at Claymore. I hope to be there.