Saturday 19 May 2012

BBC Blues

Online at the other end of the internet from Hampden Park Glasgow and the news is good so far. About a ten minute delay on live text updates so maybe the match is all square or maybe it's 2-0 by now!

Very nerve racking!!

Thursday 17 May 2012

White 1 - Where are you?

While I am in Florida on vacation I had hoped to visit White 1 which is a FW-190 under restoration.

I visited the location of my last visit two years ago to find out that owner of the restoration project had moved on and had sold White 1 to another organisation which has since gone bankrupt.

I need to follow up some leads from the White 1 website:

I will report as soon as I can.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Working Holiday

Just to let everyone know I have arrived safely in the Sunshine State.

Here's me touring the local conservation area. So far I have seen racoons, turtles, geckos, squirrels, turkey vultures and an enormous dragonfly and that is only 2 minutes walk from the timeshare.

Slightly disappointed with the sunshine so far, it's only 82 and a bit cloudy.

It's Mothers Day in America so Moira keeps on getting a flower from the local staff.

Here's me continuing my research for my next cotton wool ball battle.

This book is an excellent read.

And now,

For something completely different!


(that should confuse a few of you!!)

Sunday 6 May 2012

Hexon II Part Trois

I took some time to layout a tablesworth of Hexon II tiles and a few soldiers too!

Looks good, don't you think!

Cossacks pound up the road.

Dragoons almost as far as the eye can see!

Saturday 5 May 2012

Hexon II (continued)

I quickly clipped half a set of tiles together as well as a stream and a road. A few figures set them off nicely.

The figures are 10mm Pendraken British SYW painted up as my Imagi-nationary English troops on scratch-built magnetic sabot bases.

Hexon II

I collected my Hexon II order at Carronade this morning.

I spent slightly in excess of £400 but I got a lot for my money.

I got two sets of flocked tiles as well as a blue set for a bit of beach. I also got hills, escarpments,
mountains, streams, roads and a few single tiles so I am expecting to be able to make up quite a variety of landscapes to play over. Watch this space.

Here it is all from a different angle.

As well as few more bits and pieces of Medievals for my Hordes and Heroes armies I sampled some of the new ACW figures from Kallistra. Above is a Union limber set, 2 guns, 2 limbers, 2 sets of seated crew, 2 sets of 6 limber horses and enough gun barrels to represent a number of gun types. Also included are 8 bases but I usually make my own.

This is the Union artillery set, 4 guns, 12 gunners and an officer, tons of gun barrels and more bases.

I hope to do a size comparison with other figures later.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

The Crimean Collection

I am the custodian of my club collection of 15mm Peter Laing Crimean War figures.

These figures have lain in boxes for a decade or two but more recently I have been dusting them off (literally) and rebasing them with a view of finding a ruleset to use them with.

Black Powder is a strong possibility as well as a variant of The Portable Wargame by Bob Cordery.

I have rebased some of the figures already. The Regiments Azov, Dneiper and Odessa, 4 battalions each with 4 close order bases and an optional skirmish base.

The figures are not painted to a high standard but bear in mind that these are Peter Laing originals from the early 70's and have been painted by an number of regular club members. The basing is more recently done by myself.

You can clearly see the scale of the collection here, another 4 boxes of closely packed figures still in their original coat of dust.

I spy some Cossacks, some Turks, some British and some dastardley French. (Excuse me, the French are on our side Sir, we are fighting the Russians)

Light Brigade, Heavy Brigade, Chasseurs D'Afrique and Royal Artillery.

More Russian infantry and their guns. (Charge)

Russian Dragoons and Russian Lancers.

As you can see there is a large amount of rebasing to be done.