Thursday 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year Everyone

2015 has been a year of Ups and Downs for me.

I started with a 'Down' after an overnight trip to see an out-of-hours doctor as my stomach pains were really really bad.

Then there was an 'Up' as my youngest daughter got married.

Another sort of 'Down' as we had to postpone our annual trip to the Sunshine State.

A couple of  'Ups' followed as I had two good charity trading shows (Carronade and Claymore) which boosted the funds greatly.

To keep things in balance I had a really bad 'Down' with suspected Meningitis and then a little 'Down' with my gall bladder being removed.

I suppose the general trend is now 'Up' and I'm doing everything I can to keep it so.

My hope is that 2016 will be a year of many 'Ups' and no 'Downs'.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Thursday 10 December 2015


Here's a few pictures and some words in lieu of a status report.

I have a deadline coming up.

I am running a charity trade stand at the Leuchars Veterans Christmas Biggy on the 28th.

Apart from having to get up before I go to bed to travel half the way across Scotland to get to a working roadbridge before driving back again on the other side I am hoping to have a number of game specific goodies on sale.

The game is a version of Waterloo so I am rummaging through the 28mm plastic pile for suitable offerings. I have a few. I hope to have them ready in time hence the deadline.

None of these will apply.

And neither will this.

The hard part is pitching them at the right price.

Saturday 28 November 2015

Battleground 2015

Been back from Battleground for a wee while now. A 2.5 hour drive each way so not as tiring as the trip to York from Edinburgh. We left early enough to get home over the border before darkness fell having left in darkness in the first place.

My first time at this show and will probably visit again next time around.

A neat little show, not so little actually but constrained by the scale of the premises so doesn't have much upgrade potential unless there's another hall stashed away somewhere. A good mix of traders which some shows don't quite manage so I managed to get my lead, some MDF and some paint which I didn't get at a show last week.

I met a TMP'er in the canteen, 'Hi Jarrovian', going by his TMP handle he didn't have far to travel. The canteen wasn't up to much, under-staffed I would have thought but fortunately, being on a bit of a diet, I managed not to get too excited by the offered menu.

I exchanged a few Scottish Tenners with Pete Berry for a great big bag of 6mm ACW (and some MDF) which will allow me into Longstreet but only after I explore some of the Polemos options. A couple of more tenners extracted a few more Shermans from Dave at Pendraken and a few bottles of paint, nothing in particular that I needed but the colours were 'pretty'. I also got a couple of bottles of 'soft tone' can't remember who from, which I am now, apparently, addicted to.

I had a few short blethers with Leon, longer chats with Martin at Warbases, Stu at Colonel Bills, Erik at Figures in Comfort, Dave Lanchester at Dave Lanchester and a few nameless others (well I can't remember everyone). I took no photographs on the day, didn't see many others doing so apart from a young lady with a tripod. Has anyone blogged any pics yet?

Here's some!

And some more:

And again here:



and ere:

So the plan, back at the ranch, is to finish off a bundle of 28mm Napoleonics by the end of the year, finish the Warmaster/Warband options still in the painting/basing queue, add a few more Shermans and stuff to my Pendraken WW2 setup and then the Baccus ACW stuff. By that time it will be well into 2016 and all priorities will have no doubt changed by then.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Church on Sunday

I bought a church yesterday.

It came in a big box.

It weighs over one and a half kilo's, that's three and half pounds for imperialist brains.

It should look a bit like this once it's done although I'll probably 'pimp' it up a bit. I was going to say 'tart' but I thought that might be rude :) It is scaled for 28mm.

The roof comes off;

So you can see the interior detail.

What do you get in the box?

Well, you get plenty of these.

Not much use on the tabletop but they will help you get there.

A pulpit for the Reverend.

Pews for the congregation.

A lectern for the holy book.

A storm shelter for when the wind blows.

Grave boards for those who didn't get to the storm shelter in time.

And a great big bag of floors, walls, windows and roof. There should be acetate for window panes.

This is intended for a Wild West tabletop but I'm sure it will fit within an ACW scenario.

Enterprising gamers could also make it fit Zombie culture, RPG, Call of Cuthululu (how do you spell that again?).

I'll have to study its makeup deeply making it both sturdy for game use and storage and also flexible enough to re-arrange its component parts for variety. Obviously I don't want to mount the hole thing on a single base so I will probably make the building one piece, the graveyard another and the fence pieces modular for use both with and without the church.

The complete box retails at £75, quite pricey but was advertised on the day at £59. I actually paid a bit less than that being a Scotsman. Now I'll have to build the damn thing. The product itself is from 4GROUND, sold by Colonel Bills and I will probably blog its construction in due course.

I may well sell this at the end of the day as I am still active in charity fund raising as well as providing an impromptu service to those in the hobby who still glue their fingers together, even with PVA adhesive.

I passed over a not inconsiderable sum to Combat Stress yesterday, a 4 figure sum.

Watch this space.

Saturday 14 November 2015

liberte egalite fraternite

Today my thoughts are with the people of France.

I need not say why.


Sunday 8 November 2015

Warlord Games Hanoverians

I started this unit of Warlord Games Hanoverians months ago as part of a commission for a friend who can't paint for peanuts. I have only just completed them, regular readers will know why.

My earlier post gives more details:

There are 6 metal figures and 30 plastic rankers in the box and I add another 4 rankers from a freebie sprue. This gives a 40 figure unit, a whole regiment if you like which in rules like Black Powder can be a large unit or split into two as two standard sized units.

I have heavily shaded this unit using Army Painter Soft Tone ink. This covers many little painting boo-boo's. I like that!

Thursday 15 October 2015

That's The Spirit

To celebrate my return to near normality I have painted a figure.

Not just any figure but one in the spirit of which I aim to continue.

A Mammoth Production.

This Spirit Mammoth will part of my Warmaster Barbarian Pseudo-Orc army and will have the characteristics of a Wyvern. Spirit Mammoths can fly, can't they?

This army is growing slowly thanks to my 'lost four weeks that I will never see again' and will need reinforcements soon (Leon will be pleased). I hope to get them up to 2000 points in order to challenge my other Warmaster armies as well as those of my playing chums.

Currently there are three units of Warriors.

Some Command and a couple of Catapults.

Many more troops will follow in due course.

Of course this Warmaster Barbarian army can pass for a Warband Barbarian army.

Just add sabots.

The bases and sabots are in a variety of 'unfinished' states.

The Shamans.

The Commanders.


More Warriors.

And, Yes, you've guessed it, more Warriors.

And the Catapults.

Please keep checking for next weeks thrilling instalment of Me and My Barbarians.


Health Notes.

I am largely over my gall bladder surgery. I have four little belly scars that are not even itchy any more but will make me squeal if you poke them.

I have developed a couple of chest pains which my doctors associate with my invasive surgery although I am far from convinced. A little Voltarol (pain relieving gel) keeps them under control.

My weight loss is starting to bottom out. I am just over a stone (16 pounds USA) lighter than I was and I am really hoping to keep it thereabouts so I am being even more careful with my diet than I was.

I am not allowed to drive yet, insurance restrictions after surgery but that is OK. I should be fine for driving up to Kirriemuir next month.

Friday 9 October 2015

Anyone for a Game of Operation?

Well, they said they took out my gall bladder. I have no proof that they did. I cannot prove who they were, they all wore masks. I can't remember going under. I can't remember coming too. All I know is that I have some dressings on my stomach, a tube dripping blood into a bag and a helluva sore gut!

I'm sure they mucked up my internal clock though. My op was due for 11 in the morning, should have taken about an hour but it was well on in the afternoon before I became aware of the time. It must have been wrongly set. My dearly beloved visited me between 6 and 8 but exhaustion took me under as soon as she left and I dozed off. I remember making a conscious effort to get into a proper sleep about 11, I was really tired.

I think I had a really really long sleep as I woke up in darkness but with a glow of light in the corner behind my bedscreens. Dawn I thought, I couldn't see the ward clock but my phone led me to believe it was 7.40. Damn, I've missed my 6 am blood pressure test and the start of my timed drug regime. A second look at my phone suggested it was actually 1.40, you know a 1 is a slim 7. OK, back to sleep, that didn't work, I gave up trying at 5.30 and started to read my book as I knew they'd come for me at 6. They did.

They've let me home, took a box of chocolates as part payment, they didn't let me have my gall bladder or the gall stones. The only proof of the operation is a typed sheet of paper with some illegible signatures, the dressings on my belly and the pain.

And we didn't win the footie!

Friday 2 October 2015

Three Wheels On My Wagon

And am still rolling along...

More like Three Weeks (of my life I'll never see again)

Where have I got to?

Well, temperature - normal
Appetite - normal
Bowel movements - normal
Weight - still at least half a stone lighter than I was
Energy levels - fairly low
Lead Mountain - just as heavy as it was

Here's what I need to progress.

This is as far I have got with my Warband High Elves, 1 unit of Cavalry, 1 unit of Archers.

My Warband Barbarians, destined to also be Pseudo-Orcs for Warmaster. 1 unit of Bison Riders and 3 units of Warriors.

My Warband Undead, 1 unit of Riders and 3 units of Warriors (inked and varnished right after this photograph)

I'm trying to pull together all the figures for the original Heroquest game. I'm almost there and I tihnk I have the box and board and playing pieces somewhere. I hope to complete it and sell it for charity.

Over one hundred Dungeon Adventurers and Denizens (mostly Citadel and a few Ral Partha and RAFM) which I also hope to sell for charity. I have one interested party already but I am open to offers.

Two battalions of 28mm Napoleonics which have to be finished for a big game at XMAS.

Forty odd 54mm WW2 British Infantry. I have stalled on these as I am not happy with their appearance. They will be a charity sale in due course.

My Warmaster Empire Army, not quite finished. Will be looking to sabot it as a proxy Warband army.

My Warmaster Undead Army. I need to investigate sabots to fit my Warband Undead Army.

My Warmaster unpainted pile, mostly High Elves, some Empire, a few Undead.

My Kallistra Teutonic Army. Set up for Hordes & Heroes and also Warmaster Ancients. They could be another proxy Warband army. I have just as many Kallistra Normans somewhere in the man-hut.

I picked up, cheaply, a few sprues of Saurus Warriors and Skinks. They'll go on sale at some point again for charity.

A box of BNIB Kallistra medievals, they'll get done sometime soon.

As above, another box of BNIB Kallistra medievals.

What have I missed out, absolute tons.

ACW in 6mm, 15mm, 28mm and 30mm.

WW2 in 10mm and 20mm.

I'm frightened to dig any deeper.

So, here we are, Friday evening. Just seen the All Blacks struggle a bit. I hope South Africa struggles a bit more and Australia struggles a bit less.

After all that is sorted out I have a rest day then a blood test on Monday morning and then a trip to the Infirmary on Thursday to have my gallbladder whipped out. Some way to go then before I'm normal all round. (fat chance I hear some say)   :)

Friday 25 September 2015

WIP or WNIP, Warband, Warmaster and Me

Had another poor day yesterday (Thursday), many trips to the toilet, minimal bread and water diet, what doesn't come straight back up goes straight through regardless, headaches, nausea, irritability, unable to read for more than a few minutes, certainly nowhere near able to visit the man-hut. I'm 12 pounds lighter than I was on Monday.

On the upside, first trip outdoors yesterday but only as far as the surgery for another blood test. Psychologically damaging in that I had to be driven there in my own car, helped out my seat in the waiting room by my wife and shepherded hither and thither.

I had a short discussion with the practice nurse about my infection. One possibility was a friend who recently had gastroenteritis. Unlikely since he is of an age similar to me and would probably have been floored like me, so probably not him.

I was at a wargames show south of the border recently, hundreds of people there, I also used their toilets and ate some food in their restaurant, certainly a possibility. Unfortunately NHS England haven't published their monthly virus outbreak report yet, so still a possibility.

I also visited the local infirmary for my pre-op check. It's a very big hospital so it was crowded with people some of whom could well have been carrying my virus. Hospitals and sick people go hand in hand, don't they! (Tamsin, you might be right here)

Got an early blood test result today, yes, still infected, not sure what with for a few more days yet. Another one scheduled for a fortnight, god, is it going to take that long? I'm due my gall bladder surgery in just over two weeks.

Tried some dry low-sugar cereal this morning, it has stayed down. A small glass of shaken Lucozade, still too fizzy, mostly stayed down. A couple of soft boiled eggs for tea, boy do I feel stuffed.

I did venture out to the man-hut this evening, well Strictly was on.

I snapped the current status of this and that as it was easier to press buttons on the camera rather than wave a paintbrush at some figures.

Here's what I found:

A unit of Bison Riders based, saboted and tufted.

You can see that matching scenic effects of the bases and the sabot make a difference to the end result. The sabot version, of course, is for Warband.

Three of the bases without a sabot is a Warmaster unit.

These are 'new' High Elf cavalry from Pendraken.

Note the spacers in the sabot to give the impression of a number of 'squadrons' operating together.

These can come off the sabot too, obviously.

They then become a Warmaster High Elf cavalry unit.

Here's an example of WNIP (work not in progress).

Bases and sabots.

Kallistra Teutonic Knights awaiting their 'magical' transformation into Empire Knights.

The 'skellies', patient as ever.

Some High Elf archers, perhaps a little less patient.

That's all I can manage for the time being. I'm saving up my energy to cheer on Wales and Ferrari tomorrow and then the Scots and Ferrari again on Sunday.