Thursday, 10 December 2015


Here's a few pictures and some words in lieu of a status report.

I have a deadline coming up.

I am running a charity trade stand at the Leuchars Veterans Christmas Biggy on the 28th.

Apart from having to get up before I go to bed to travel half the way across Scotland to get to a working roadbridge before driving back again on the other side I am hoping to have a number of game specific goodies on sale.

The game is a version of Waterloo so I am rummaging through the 28mm plastic pile for suitable offerings. I have a few. I hope to have them ready in time hence the deadline.

None of these will apply.

And neither will this.

The hard part is pitching them at the right price.


  1. Best of luck Jim. I do hate deadlines.

    1. It's not so much a deadline that might be missed it's an opportunity that might be wasted.

      Anyway I am painting like mad between now and then.