Monday 21 August 2023

Necromunda and Friends

 I came across some dusty figures, in a box, which have not seen daylight since we stopped playing Necromunda a few decades ago.

I understand that the figures are from the GW range so may be seen as 'classic' figures to some.

Can you help me ID them?

The central figures is definitely a Ratskin Scout and the left hand figure must surely be Ratskin too.

The guy on the right is a 'Scum'.

I'm really not sure about these three, any suggestions.

These 'girls' look a bit too rough to be from an Esher gang.

This trio look a bit military or even militia.

I'm pretty sure these are Jungle Fighters of Catachan.

I hope to complete the painting of these figures and place them on sale, offers would be welcomed.

Now I know I had a 'Scavvy' gang at one point, I wonder where they are?