Tuesday 26 September 2017

Back to the Drawing Board

I don't actually have a drawing board, not many wargamers do, none that I know of for sure.

My reference is in fact to me just about to base 32 Gallic Celts to 40x40 bases, 4 figures to a base when I was informed that the requirement had changed to 60x40 bases and 4-5 figures each.

If it hadn't been for the 4 weeks I'll never get back due to my TIA I could have had 64 or even 96 of the blighters based already.

Such is life.

I must be getting back to normal since in the last few days I have ordered a couple of units in a scale/period I've never done before as well as an e-Bay snip of some more and am just about to order a few more again to bring their numbers up to scratch.

Talk about 'shiny shiny'.