Thursday 8 September 2016

Just For You Mr Kinch

I am often a patient man but occasionally I get impatient. I want to get to the end product ASAP.

Sometimes that is not possible so here is a little view of the future.

Remember the Magnetic Modular Fort?


It was made with some corner towers like this one.

And some long walls like this.

And some short walls like this.

One of the short walls is actually a gateway.

Get them all together.

A bit closer please!

There you go, that is the Magnetic Modular Fort, Mark One.

Now if you had a double depth, double width corner tower like this.

And swapped out one of the smaller corner towers you could do this.

And if you had a building like this.

And another long wall you could do this.

Swap out one of the corner towers again.

Pause for a second while you look at this double depth wall tower.

If you add a couple of those you could do this.

What? Not enough height. Try this.

Can anyone see where this is going?

I can't, it could go on forever.

Next up, adding details and the final finishes.

Tuesday 6 September 2016

The Secret Project ... and More.

Now that I am home nursing a U-section (nothing to do with submarines) I have a chance to bring the blog up-to-date.

A U-section is a bit like a C-section except that it doesn't produce any offspring but does put bits of my small intestine back to where they should be.

Prior to last weekend I had finished the painting of my 4Ground Log Cabin complete with Warbases tiled roof.

I chose a fairly neutral paint finish for the tiles, I think it came out OK.

I also finished a Warbases Stable Block which I subjected to some minor 'MDF Tarting'.

I used a reclaimed wooden window blind to make planks to cover the walls. I cut them to size and scribed on the planking with a biro pen. Some guys use coffee stirrers here. I completed the build with a plastic pantile roof, cut to size from a larger sheet. I think I got them from a railway model supplier, perhaps on e-Bay. Note the 'cuddie' peering out from the gloom.

The sides and back are fairly plain as I don't think you get doors and windows in excess on a stable.

That took me up to Friday evening so it was early to bed as I need to be up at 6am to get ready for the trip to Gateshead for Border Reiver.

This show is held in a sports hall. Not only that, it is held in a sports hall with yellow 'sodium' lights. That makes photography difficult. I know that you can probably fiddle with the settings on your camera and get the 'white balance' sorted out but I didn't.

Here is John from the Falkirk mafia helping out a junior commander with a bit of Sharp Practice.

It's a nice game system and I hope to get immersed into it later this year.

After I grabbed my MDF goodies and some paint (more of them later) we left the show at lunchtime which allowed me to get back to Edinburgh in time for our annual 'street party' where I had a couple of bottles of locally brewed craft beer and a somewhat larger number of bottles of cider. That put paid to any notions of wargaming progress that evening.

Sunday was just as hectic as I pottered around the garden in the morning, watched the Grand Prix in the afternoon (well done Nico) and went off to another party but restrained myself to a couple of diet-cokes but that was another hobby session lost.

Monday was another early start which finally saw me getting cut up in the local Royal Infirmary and also forced to stay overnight due to severe nausea.

A bumpy-ish car ride home this morning has seen me cuddle up to my 6 week old grandson (well he'll be driving me to the shows in twenty years time). I had a quick peek at my Warbases MDF goodies which I will post here.

Remember the Modular Fort?

Nice fort, four walls, four towers, one gate. not too complex.

It would be nice to add an accommodation block, like this:

Some more long walls, like these:

A short wall, like this:

Maybe some double depth wall towers, like these:

And a double width and double depth corner tower, like this:

And, of course, some magnets to hold them all together.

Right then, am ready for some more 'MDF Tarting'.

I also got some Warbases sabots for Black Powder units.

And some Wabases sabots for Sharp Practice regulars.

I then went in search of some Foundry Triads but no-one was selling them so I made do with some of the excellent Coat d'arms paints.

My chum rustled up some Army Painter Acrylic Soft Tone Wash for me, he's a good lad.

(No photograph)

Finally I snazzled some show promotional material.

BattleGround in November, will go depending the snow (yes, snow or maybe rain).

And Carronade 2017 by the annoyingly good Falkirk lads.

So, there you go. A lot of MDF Tarting in the pipeline, a few more figures, a quick trip to Crisis in November and lo and behold it will be Christmas again.

Some Border Reiver photographs at:

Thanks Herky.


Sunday 4 September 2016

Break in Service

Normal Service will be resumed ....

.... just as soon as the NHS put me back in order.

Nothing serious, just a hernia, again!!