Saturday 23 December 2023

Is It Christmas yet?

A few weeks ago when the bitterly cold weather started I had to curtail the figure painting sessions in my garden hobby hut as it took forever to heat the hut to acceptable levels never mind how much extra it added to the electricity bill.

I didn't complain.

The cold weather was followed by less cold weather and an awful (antediluvian) lot of rain which exploited some weaknesses in the triple layered felt roof of my hobby hut. A few bits of cardboard and some paper were reduced to a soggy mess. No figures, plastic or lead were harmed.

I didn't complain.

This last week has reduced me to a regular diet of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen to my American friends) and Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) as a severe cold or flu developed reducing my eyesight to a mini Niagara Falls as well as an insatiable desire to sleep, sleep and sleep a bit more.

I didn't complain.

A couple of days ago I hand delivered a parcel for my oldest daughter to her own bedroom (a room I rarely visit). On the way out I discovered a new shelf cunningly placed at my head height with a reasonably forceful head but leading to a frantic search for some cotton wool and an Elastoplast.

I didn't complain.

Today I dutifully loaded up the car with some trash and junk from previously mentioned eldest daughters redecoration project amidst a mighty gust of wind. A couple of former IKEA products rocketed down the street, one at head height I caught (being an ex-goalie (football/soccer) was useful and a second at shin height (shin pads would have been helpful) which I didn't.

I didn't complain.

About an hour later the inflated and bloody appearance of my shin prompted a telephone call to NHS 24 followed by a Minor Injuries Clinic visit, 6 X-Rays and a sticky pad dressing. The Nurse Practitioner was very gracious and commented on my youthful appearance despite being a septuagenarian.

I certainly didn't complain.

And now I find out that it's Christmas Eve tomorrow.

Monday 21 August 2023

Necromunda and Friends

 I came across some dusty figures, in a box, which have not seen daylight since we stopped playing Necromunda a few decades ago.

I understand that the figures are from the GW range so may be seen as 'classic' figures to some.

Can you help me ID them?

The central figures is definitely a Ratskin Scout and the left hand figure must surely be Ratskin too.

The guy on the right is a 'Scum'.

I'm really not sure about these three, any suggestions.

These 'girls' look a bit too rough to be from an Esher gang.

This trio look a bit military or even militia.

I'm pretty sure these are Jungle Fighters of Catachan.

I hope to complete the painting of these figures and place them on sale, offers would be welcomed.

Now I know I had a 'Scavvy' gang at one point, I wonder where they are?

Thursday 20 July 2023

Claymore 2023

 Poster says it all really.

Come and see me at the Flea Market (morning only)

Tuesday 4 July 2023

Summer Update

 I present His Majesty's 27th Regiment of Foot (Inniskilling)

Some other guys hanging about, wonder who they are?

More happening behind the scenes but too busy to tell.

Sunday 30 April 2023

Butterfly Mode

 After a few commissions, tartan and all, I gave into my internal butterfly and flitted over some neglected projects occupying space on my playing table.

First up is the Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Foot.

A free sprue with Wargames Illustrated Magazine with a sample from Warlord Games EPIC ECW.

Here they are on on non-standard 60x60 MDF bases (Warbases) waiting for some dressing.

The figures are 13.5mm from foot to eyeline or 15mm and gave me a chance to experiment with some contrast paints.

The latest addition to my Boxer rebellion collection is another Chinese house; roof partially tiled and back in the 'must finish this' pile.

I fully painted the interior (didn't need to) but I did.

A farm building to go with my EPIC ACW collection.

My version of the Louisiana Tigers (just a battalions worth).

You can just about see the striped trousers (pants).

I have a few EPIC ACW painted in more regular colour schemes.

Some 28mm Elves (in brown) for LOTR collection (an eBay item tarted up).

Some Men of Gondor for the same collection.

My Pendraken 10mm British 7YW collection, rebased and up for sale soon.

Eight Regiments of Horse, Dragoons, Light Dragoons and Dragoon Guards and some infantry with ordnance.

I have some Russians and French in the pipeline.

I have since picked up another big commission so better get a move on.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Jacobites - City of Edinburgh Regiment

 John Roy Stewart leads his men past a rank of scoundrels, neer-do-wells and ruffians. At least his men are gentlemen from Edinburgh

Apologies for the poor lighting, I must get a photo-booth one day.

The figures are all by Crann Tara.

Anyone spot the head swap here.

The chaps in blue are from the Manchester Regiment and the redcoats from wherever.

Saturday 18 February 2023

Boxer Rebellion - First Army Unit

 I cleared away some of the tabletop clutter to make way for my first unit of Chinese soldiers for my Boxer Rebellion Project.

The figures are by Victorious Miniatures.

The MDF buildings are by Warbases.

All painting is by me.

I hope to hand paint a dragon standard for this unit. Might take more than one go.

I have a rabble of regular (common or garden) Boxers in the pipeline.