Sunday, 18 April 2021

Warlord Games - EPIC ACW - Little Fix

In my last post I mentioned the left flank figure on the command strip whose rifled musket projects over the end of the stand when they have been clipped to 55mm and can interfere with the placement of a neighbouring stand.

You can see it here:

Or more clearly here:

I separated the endmost two figures, swapped them around and glued them in place. like this:

I let you know what they look like when painted.

Warlord Games - EPIC ACW - Work in Progress

It is not as if I haven't been busy but I feel as if I haven't got much done. Life has been full of home decorating issues, new gas boiler, X-Ray visits, ECGs, Vaccination visits and a Birthday to boot.

I have got somethings done and here they are.

Kallistra 12mm Confederate Cavalry, mounted.  I bought 2 packs and borrowed a few figures from a command pack giving me two cavalry units, 20 strong each and foot command figures left over for £15. Go compare that with the Warlord price. Maybe slightly heavy on the yellow facings and lace but they are what they are. I have clipped the Warlord 60mm wide bases down to 55mm.

Flags, gravel, flock, static grass and tufts will follow in due course.

Kallistra 12mm Confederate Cavalry, dismounted and with horse holders. £10 buys a pack of dismounted cavalry and a pack of 'empty' horses with lots of unused figures. I might add more horse holder bases once we start playing.

Five bases of Warlord infantry painted as Union mounted on cutdown 55mm wide Warlord bases.

Note the rightmost front rank figure pose projects into the neighbouring base. I may have to do something about that.

The mounted Warlord General, you get one with each infantry sprue.

Two Warlord resin command figures. I replaced the standard pole with a piece of wire.

Three Kallistra Mounted Generals (half a £5 pack). My mate has the other three (Confederate).

A size comparison, three Kallistra to the left, three Warlord to the right.

Kallistra (12mm) dismounted cavalry to the left, Warlord (13.5mm) infantry to the right.

Just another 30 sprues to get painted.

What do you think guys?

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Warlord Games - EPIC ACW - Unit Sizes

 I have some information on suggested unit sizes for those of us who are (or will be) painting furiously.

Infantry Regular     5 stands    default setting

Infantry Large        7 stands

Infantry Small        3 stands

Infantry Tiny          1 stand

Cavalry Regular     4 stands    default setting

Cavalry Small        2 stands

Artillery 4 gun        2 stands

Artillery 6 gun        3 stands

This will reduce my perceived requirement to purchase additional command strips or construct them with alternative figures.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Ancient/Medieval Arab Army - 25mm - Rebasing

 I have in my possession a large army belonging to an old friend of mine who now lives out of town (very far). I have offered to rebase this army to a satisfactory standard as it is 40+ years old and most of the basing is sad and tired and in some cases biodegrading. A few of the figures were also succumbing to lead rot so they were whittled out, a few were repaired to keep unit numbers up.

I'll let the pictures show the scope of the collection.

This is a work-in-progress with several more boxes worth of figures to process as well as things like missing/loose spears to sort, tufts and static grass to apply and storage boxes to fit.

I hope to play a few solo games to test out bits of this collection against some of my own and also a set of rules which I largely keep in my head.

Och, it was easy. Just place a based figure in a tray of cold water for a day or two, take it out and use needle nosed pliers to rip off the old base, easy if its cardboard, harder if it is wood, file base of figure if it is not flat, scrape away any remains of old glue or scenic material/flock/static grass. Repair/reglue any loose spears/javelins/shields. Glue figure to new base and leave to dry/harden. Lightly sculp ready mixed plaster over base to level of figure base, taper slightly to base edge, score gentle depressions from front to back simulating sand ripples leaving flat area near rear of base for marker tab and leave to dry. Glue marker tab to base. Paint entire base a golden sand colour, two coats if necessary. When dry highlight raised areas with a light sand colour and then edges of base with a dark brown colour. Use a lining pen to add unit number to tab. Repeat 700 or 800 times.

MDF bases by Warbases.

Monday, 8 February 2021


Finally, some snow has landed at my doorstep.

In 28mm terms this snowman is a giant.

The real question is will he stay until tomorrow?

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Pendraken Ancient Indian Elephants

 Just a quick pic for a web-friend.

Still unbased from an abandoned (temporarily) project.