Friday, 7 October 2022

Claymore castings - First Peek

 I received some figures from Claymore Castings yesterday. Here's how they look beside some Crann Tara and Front Rank.

From left to right: Crann Tara, Crann Tara, Claymore Castings, Front Rank.

You can see that Crann Tara are a bit slender compared to the others and that Claymore Castings are quite stocky compared to Crann Tara. Front Rank are a bit in between, at least on these samples.

I would have no difficult using these ranges in the same army but probably best in their own units. They all paint up nicely.

Crann Tara don't do Prussians at the moment, Claymore Castings only do Prussians at the moment and Front Rank do everyone.

Thursday, 6 October 2022

Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Picture Challenge

 My younger wargame mate just turned 70. He got a birthday card with a wargame picture on it.

He's hoping that I can identify the game and the 'hands' with the help of the interweb fraternity.

Any ideas?

The figures seem to be mostly spear and shield types so presumably an ancient wargame. The bases have typed labels with a variable colour strip.

Tape measures are evident but no dice.

The table is covered in a teddy bear fur mat coloured green. Isn't that a relatively recent innovation?

The buildings look much more medieval as well as fields with hedged borders.

Does anyone recognise this at all?


Monday, 3 October 2022

Crann Tara - Regiment de Clare

 Right lads, let's get these finials mounted before parade.

Apologies for the poor lighting, no summer sun today.

Gloss finish and unbased as per commission requirements.

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Jacobites - The Final Muster

 In the fading rays of a Scottish September sun the Jacobites gather before seeking out the Governments army.

Bankton House in the distance.

The tartans in all their glory. No ink pens were used in their making, just brush size 3 and size 3/0.

Comments are best made on the back of a five pound note, come on, be honest.

Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Jacobite - The Clans are Gathering

 A few more test paints, working on how to paint different tartans.

Am working on a 'red' tartan now.

Heaven help me when I do a piper. My source book has him illustrated with a tartan jacket and a kilt with a different tartan and red and whited diced socks.

Anyone spot the 'indeliberate' error?

Friday, 19 August 2022

Warmaster - Empire - On the March

 These guys have lain in a box for a couple of years and are now destined for sale.

The whole Army in the sunshine.

Knights - 4 units

Halberdiers - 4 units


Steam Tank

Crossbowmen - 4 units

Pistoleers - 3 units

War Altar


Commanders - 3 units


Ersatz Knights (conversion from Kallistra Teutonic Knights)

These figures are in excellent condition, almost no wear and tear, bases are magnetic and storage box is magnetic lined. I should be at Border Reiver in September and also Battleground in November so can deliver face to face without the perils of postage.

Sensible offers only by email to ''.