Wednesday 20 February 2013


Just a quick post to say that a few chums were round this evening and we had an impromptu game of Aliens.

Here's a quick pic from my new phone, not brilliant but adequate.

The rules we use are homegrown and we think they are rather good!

Friday 15 February 2013

Sunday 3 February 2013

Vapnartak 2013 - Goodies

Todays trip, 4 hours by car including a meal break at Washington service station saw us arrive at York Racecourse very slightly after 10am to find no entry queue at Vapnartak 2013. It was already quite busy inside with just enough room to squeeze by and find the traders on my target list.

First up was Irregular Miniatures for a few more gladiators. I was served by a very sprightly Ron Kay, a veteran in many respects who quickly brought me a tray of goodies from which I selected the figures below.

The nearer figure represents a Secutor with big shield and armour and the other is a Contra-Retarius complete with cone and hook in an attempt to thwart the deadly Retarius.

The second pair (boobies forgive me) represent an Amazon in minimalist costume, I'll need to make a spear to arm the young lady, and a Sagittarius (on foot) who obviously hopes to shoot down any opponents before close range is reached.

Next, to beef up my Big Board Portable Wargame WW2 10mm Pendraken collection I got:

Some Sherman Fireflys. I only really needed one but you can never have too many Shermans (models of any type). I think I have spotted a small error on the Firefly model. I'm no expert but I'm led to believe that the hull machinegun was plated over for the Firefly. In 10mm that is easily fixed.

Some Panthers (common or garden variety). I resisted the urge to get some Tigers, maybe next time.

Bren carriers to improve the mobility of my British Infantry sections.

Scout Cars to improve the British Command and Scouting units.

Peter Pig ACW Union infantry to expand my rapidly growing (but small) 15mm collection based for 'On To Richmond', a fairly old ruleset which was very popular in my club a few decades ago.

Tufts from Mutineer Miniatures.

Magnetic tape from Magnetic Displays.

Paints and Washes made by Coat d'arms from a trader I have forgotten to note.

And finally twelve packs of 12mm Teutonic Order and Normans from Kallistras Hordes and Heroes range.

Once these are painted and based I will have enough units to represent every variant of the army lists detailed in Neil Thomas book 'Ancient and Medieval Wargaming'.

So, all in all it was a pleasant day out for the boys. Vapnartak is a show we will probably visit again.