Friday 17 November 2017

Carolingian - 25mm - Quandary

I have unearthed another part finished collection of figures which I hope to sell.

I understood them to be 25mm Minifigs Carolingians but I cannot find their codes in the online Minifigs catalogue.

28 Heavy Cavalry, Lance armed, includes 5 Standard bearers, based (mostly 3s, some 2s and 1s) and terrained on 40 x 20mm so cannot see the horse figure code.

I think I added the lance pennants.

10 Light Cavalry, Spear, based singly on 40 x 30mm.

These could fit into many Dark Age armies.

9 Bodyguard unit, based and terrained on 18 x 20mm.

15 Staff Slingers, based and terrained on 20 x 30mm.

30 Cloaked Spearmen, based but not terrained, easily rebased.

Spearmen are code CM2, musician and standard bearer are CM5 and CM8.

22 Heavy Spearmen, based but not terrained, codes CM1 and CM6.

28 Heavy Archers, not based, code CM3.

It might be that these are Minifig castings but were remodelled and given new codes at some point.

Can anyone help with that?

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Napoleonic Swedes - 25mm - Restoration

Remember the unit with broken standard.

I decided to repair it before selling them.

Here is the 'stump' of the problem.

I carefully cut away the standard from the broken pole.

I superglued a short piece of plastic tube in its place and I drilled out the internal hole to match the diameter of the pole.

I glued the pole into the plastic tube and glued the whole assembly to the 'stump' on the figure.

A touch of paint and varnish matches the whole thing in.

Ready for service again.

Now I just have to work out how to finish the part-painted unit. They seem to be a grenadier unit but I no longer have the notes I initially used so will have to do a little research.

Monday 13 November 2017

Napoleonic Swedes - 25 mm

A recent blog post by an old friend reminded me that I had some 25mm Napoleonic Swedish infantry stashed away somewhere. In fact they had been left in a cupboard behind the TV in an open topped box  for at least twenty years. Some of the close up images will show the authentic layers of dust that they have acquired on this greatly un-military service.

Kongl. Skaraborgs Regemente, Kingdom of Sweden 1807

Complete (or should I say incomplete) with hand painted standard and broken flagstaff. A repair will be in the offing.

Note the authentic dust around the helmets and the painting style which is a mixture of drybrushing, block painting and black lining. Have a close look at the crest on the helmet, it is tiny yet I seemed to have painted a tiny blue cross approximately 1mm in diameter.

Kongl. Westgotha Regemente, Kingdom of Sweden 1807

The standards were all painted by hand using sketches made by a wargaming chum. Accurate information was very scarce when I painted these figures (80's?).

Note the white brassard on the left arm. A mark of respect I understand after a death in the royal family.

Kongl. Uplands Regemente, Kingdom of Sweden 1807

Love these figures. Probably Minifigs 'S' Range, and I think you can still get them.

Kongl. Wermland Falt-Jagare Regemente, Kingdom of Sweden 1807

I must have used fairly coarse sand for the bases.

1st Battery, Finska Regemente, Kingdom of Sweden 1807

Determined faces on these gunners.

Some spare artillery pieces.

I have 8 pieces altogether, 6 look like 12 pounders and 2 a bit lighter, possibly 6 or 8 pounders.

A couple of unnamed officers. It was our style in those days to have Brigadiers of Infantry to be modelled on foot beside their mount. Since I have no cavalry the mounted officer must be a full General.

The enemy Sir are that-a-way.

I have an unfinished unit, probably a Life Guard or something like that still on painting sticks. Shouldn't take too much effort to finish them off.

I wonder what to do with them?

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Warhammer Epic 40K - Imperial Fists Army

OK, I admit it, I used to play Warhammer Epic.

I was younger then and maybe naïve (cough) but everyone was doing it so it happened.

Something shinier came along and I never finished the troops.

They have to go now.

Most of the vehicles and figures are either table ready, almost ready or barely started. Unless I get a serious purchase offer soon I would expect to bring them all up to table ready, then I would have to charge more.

I would prefer to handover at a UK show to avoid any postage problems. Cash, cheque or a PayPal invoice would suffice.

Enquiries encouraged.

I include the various books but would accept any separate offers for them.

Any advice on pricing these items would be useful.

Imperial Fists.

6 plastic Land Raider transports, painted and varnished.

3 metal Predator tanks, painted and varnished.

12 plastic Whirlwind artillery, painted and varnished.

18 plastic Rhino transports, painted and varnished.

3 plastic Land Raider transports, almost painted.

3 plastic Land Raider transports, barely started.

2 metal HQ Land Raider transports, barely started.

3 metal Thunderhawk gunships, need repaired, barely started.

6 plastic Rhino transports, barely started.

6 metal Vindicator Close Support tanks, barely started.

4 metal Land Speeders, barely started.

6 metal Vindicator Close Support tanks, still in blister packs.

4 plastic Space Marine Command stands, painted, not varnished.

4 plastic Librarian stands, painted, not varnished.

4 plastic Terminator stands, painted and varnished.

4 plastic Scout stands, painted and varnished.

8 plastic Assault stands, painted and varnished.

7 plastic Space Marine stands, painted, not varnished.

7 plastic Tactical stands, painted, not varnished.

10 plastic Devastator stands, painted and varnished.

4 metal Dreadnoughts, almost complete, not varnished.

5 plastic Attack Bikes, barely started, not varnished.

6 plastic Bike stands, barely started, not varnished.

The Rule Book. All from a smoke free home.

The Armies Book.

The Battle Book.