Sunday 25 June 2017

Summer Update

Well, summer here seems to have been and gone, I would like to be wrong.

Meanwhile, back in the wargames hut ...

... some Romans I am doing for a friend.

Caesarian Romans from Warlord Games.

MDF bases by Warbases, scenic material to follow.

A recent game with my friends left one of them disappointed at the lack of charging action so I picked up some Norman Knights from Conquest Games.

15 Mounted Norman Knights.

Build details will follow in a later post.

Multi-part horses, I wonder how they will pan out.

And some foot sloggers to help them out.

44 Norman Knights on foot.

I wonder how the plastic swords and spears will hold out.

As usual a post will follow.

And finally a box arrived in the post with some more sprues.

A sprue of AWI artillery costing £2.50. Warlord sell two in a box for £18 so I got two sprues (go figure).

Some AWI Command to lead all those unused AWI other ranks that I have accumulated.

AWI Hessians to bolster another Hessian unit in the pipeline.

I have some work to do clipping all of these out and glueing them together.

It will be a fun job.