Sunday, 25 June 2017

Summer Update

Well, summer here seems to have been and gone, I would like to be wrong.

Meanwhile, back in the wargames hut ...

... some Romans I am doing for a friend.

Caesarian Romans from Warlord Games.

MDF bases by Warbases, scenic material to follow.

A recent game with my friends left one of them disappointed at the lack of charging action so I picked up some Norman Knights from Conquest Games.

15 Mounted Norman Knights.

Build details will follow in a later post.

Multi-part horses, I wonder how they will pan out.

And some foot sloggers to help them out.

44 Norman Knights on foot.

I wonder how the plastic swords and spears will hold out.

As usual a post will follow.

And finally a box arrived in the post with some more sprues.

A sprue of AWI artillery costing £2.50. Warlord sell two in a box for £18 so I got two sprues (go figure).

Some AWI Command to lead all those unused AWI other ranks that I have accumulated.

AWI Hessians to bolster another Hessian unit in the pipeline.

I have some work to do clipping all of these out and glueing them together.

It will be a fun job.



  1. Nice job on the Romans.

    Plastics uuurrggghhh, rather you than me. They do seem a bit delicate as you say.

    1. Plastics are a necessary evil if you want to get the figures you want for a price you can afford.

  2. Rather coming to like plastic figures once I have got over my O.S. prejudice , Tony

    1. I have both metal and plastics in my collections.

      Some plastics take a fair amount of effort to get them table ready but they are still popular.

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    1. I grew up with plastic, and in southern Bavaria in the early '50s paper mache figures. Loved them both, but I prefer plastic (quicker and easier for me to convert).

      Very nice painting, Jim.

    2. Thanks Jay.

      The painting is for a club friend so I do try to do them well.

  4. I get plastics as much as possible nowadays as the quality is as good as the metals, they are lighter to transport and move on table, and have endless conversion possibilities!
    Have fun!

  5. I have no problem with the quality of plastics too and being plastic they are easier to convert.

    Metals can be converted too but they need a different toolset.

  6. "Some Romans I'm doing for a friend."

    A likely story Sir. Are these Romans for sale or supply or for your personal use?

    1. The Romans are for a friend, honest, an archaeologist even. There will be cash involved in the transaction though, just to buy some more plastic you understand.

  7. Looks like a fun project.
    The Romans are very nice.