Saturday 3 May 2014

Troops on Parade

While I was grumbling through my boxes of figures looking for something I knew I had but just not where I realised I had come across some figures I had forgotten I had and other figures I knew I had but had forgotten where they were.

I thought I would photograph them as an aide memoire. Mind you once they are back in their boxes I will no doubt forget them again.

First up were some Dead Men of Dunharrow or Army of the Dead as they are more commonly known.

A fairly simple paintjob, undercoat grey, drybrush white, touch of green ink.


A touch of flesh here and there.

Next up a chaotic trio.

Red and Gold gives them a 'classic' chaos look.

I can feel 'evil vibes' oozing from this guy!

Peek-a-boo Chaos style.

Elfy the Wiz on a clippity cloppity. Not exactly a graceful steed.


Sneaky in Shadows, this guy!

Hide in the Woods.

A couple of pack horses. They need a coat of matt varnish. Custom made bases!

A Zombie Horde. Multi-part figures by Wargames Factory.

Not a great deal of definition but OK en masse.

No Michael Jacksons.

Could be a John Revolta though :)

Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep them doggies movin'. Longhorns by Dixon Miniatures.

Dire Wolves by GW.

Check out the teeth.

A squad from Warzone.

Better definition on these figures.

I like their 'tin hats'.

A chum gave me a bundle of armless torsos. I added to them from my bits box and painted them up.

They're a grim looking bunch.

I wouldn't argue with these guys.

 A 'classic' Chaos Warrior.

I have a few of them.

A 'classic' figure indeed.

An eBay acquisition, tarted up a bit.

Bretonnians I believe.


Distinctive shields.

I have a few Empire archers too!

Very colourful.

Obviously to dazzle the enemy.

My Gobboes are numerous too. Note that they are 'brownskins'.

Ranks and ranks of them.

Mean little persons.


A few of them have big pointy sticks.
I think that yellow shield is crying out for something.
Now they are all back in their boxes. Phew!