Saturday 21 November 2020

2D Silhouette Scenery - Update

 These are pictures taken in better light conditions.

Here is a French infantry brigade with some support.

The artillery battery is occupying a redoubt with some long grass and rough ground nearby.

This infantry Regiment is occupying a 'town' hex.

The Hussars move beyond a wooded area.

The infantry have moved on and the town is now clear.

These are the component pieces of a town area namely a town hall, a church and a castle.

The evaluation period continues.

Let me know if any of this inspires you to think about acquiring a set.

Friday 20 November 2020

2D Silhouette Scenery - Paintjob

 Here's an early look at painted examples of the Silhouette Scenery.

Apologies for the poor lighting, I hope to get some real sunshine tomorrow.

I think some of the darker areas need more highlighting. Will try this evening.

Thursday 19 November 2020

2D Silhouette Scenery

Here's some work-in-progress pictures of my 2D Silhouette Scenery which I hope to use with my Heroscape tile battlefields and a version of the Portable Wargame.

These are the raw cuts of 2mm MDF scaled for 6mm/10mm.

There are lots of permutations.

Painting is in progress, watch this space.

Monday 16 November 2020

Lead Rot

 Casualty figures, but not as we know them.

Some figures unable to be restored.

Half a dozen figures from a very old collection (several decades) probably about 1000 figures strong which will have to be binned.

I can't blame the boxing system as the vast majority of the figures are OK.

I can't blame the environment in which the boxes have been kept while in my possession (several years) as I have extensive collections from several decades old to brand new, painted and unpainted, soft plastic, hard plastic, resin, lead and pewter.

I don't recall them showing signs of this when I first took care of them so they must be a recent development. Maybe that is how lead rot works.

Any ideas chaps?