Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year Everyone

2015 has been a year of Ups and Downs for me.

I started with a 'Down' after an overnight trip to see an out-of-hours doctor as my stomach pains were really really bad.

Then there was an 'Up' as my youngest daughter got married.

Another sort of 'Down' as we had to postpone our annual trip to the Sunshine State.

A couple of  'Ups' followed as I had two good charity trading shows (Carronade and Claymore) which boosted the funds greatly.

To keep things in balance I had a really bad 'Down' with suspected Meningitis and then a little 'Down' with my gall bladder being removed.

I suppose the general trend is now 'Up' and I'm doing everything I can to keep it so.

My hope is that 2016 will be a year of many 'Ups' and no 'Downs'.

Happy New Year Everyone.


  1. Hi Jim. Yes, a pretty crappy 2015 for you in the most part. Really glad to see from your blog that your mojo seems to be back in abundance. May it continue undeterred.

    1. Got my mojo working
      Got my mojo working
      Got my mojo working
      Got my mojo working
      Got my mojo working, but it - uh uh - just won't work on you

    2. Thank goodness your mojo won't work on me. That would be very very disturbing.
      (Footnote: How to kill the memory of a great song - hear a friend do a cover of a favourite song, in my case Killer's 'Human". Dead to me now.)

    3. Here am I floating
      round my tin can
      Far above the Moon
      Planet Earth is blue
      And there's nothing I can do.