Sunday, 10 January 2016

I Have Nothing To Say

Keeping in line with a recent T-Shirt conversation here is one which I should purchase.

Actually I probably have quite a lot to say but now is not the time.

I am quite busy, painting another Old Guard unit, some Union Cavalry, a WSS British Guard unit, making some Heroscape streams and bridges, reading a book on the AWI, emailing a Spanish flag making company about an error on their products and generally guddling about.

I have identified all the shows in 2016 that I plan to attend including Crisis in Antwerp (and we are taking our women), booked a months vacation in the Sunshine State for a much needed dose of Vitamin D.

How is everyone else?

What shows will I bump into you at?

Candidates are Albanich, Vapnartak, Carronade, Claymore, Border Reiver, SKELP, Battleground, Targe and Crisis.


  1. Similar show list - probably not Border Reiver- might get to Battleground and/or Crisis for the first time - first show is the Scottish Battlefields Trust at Prestonpans on 20th Feb. I would also like to get to a show a bit further south like Hammerhead but not sure if I will manage that.

    1. Yes, Prestonpans show, on my list now. It might be such a small show in that too many people turn up.

      I'm checking with one of our guys for inside info.

  2. Sounds like you're too busy having fun to blog old chap. A fine way to be.

  3. Jim
    My shows for 2016 will be Albanich, Vapnartak, Carronade, Claymore, Border Reiver, SKELP and Targe. Plus possibly Prestonpans, Partizan and Crisis. Will see you at Vapnartak.