Sunday 22 November 2015

Church on Sunday

I bought a church yesterday.

It came in a big box.

It weighs over one and a half kilo's, that's three and half pounds for imperialist brains.

It should look a bit like this once it's done although I'll probably 'pimp' it up a bit. I was going to say 'tart' but I thought that might be rude :) It is scaled for 28mm.

The roof comes off;

So you can see the interior detail.

What do you get in the box?

Well, you get plenty of these.

Not much use on the tabletop but they will help you get there.

A pulpit for the Reverend.

Pews for the congregation.

A lectern for the holy book.

A storm shelter for when the wind blows.

Grave boards for those who didn't get to the storm shelter in time.

And a great big bag of floors, walls, windows and roof. There should be acetate for window panes.

This is intended for a Wild West tabletop but I'm sure it will fit within an ACW scenario.

Enterprising gamers could also make it fit Zombie culture, RPG, Call of Cuthululu (how do you spell that again?).

I'll have to study its makeup deeply making it both sturdy for game use and storage and also flexible enough to re-arrange its component parts for variety. Obviously I don't want to mount the hole thing on a single base so I will probably make the building one piece, the graveyard another and the fence pieces modular for use both with and without the church.

The complete box retails at £75, quite pricey but was advertised on the day at £59. I actually paid a bit less than that being a Scotsman. Now I'll have to build the damn thing. The product itself is from 4GROUND, sold by Colonel Bills and I will probably blog its construction in due course.

I may well sell this at the end of the day as I am still active in charity fund raising as well as providing an impromptu service to those in the hobby who still glue their fingers together, even with PVA adhesive.

I passed over a not inconsiderable sum to Combat Stress yesterday, a 4 figure sum.

Watch this space.


  1. You have your work cut out for you, sir! Enjoy.

    1. Thanks Jay

      I'll do it one piece at a time ...

      ... just like Johnny Cash.