Thursday 15 October 2015

That's The Spirit

To celebrate my return to near normality I have painted a figure.

Not just any figure but one in the spirit of which I aim to continue.

A Mammoth Production.

This Spirit Mammoth will part of my Warmaster Barbarian Pseudo-Orc army and will have the characteristics of a Wyvern. Spirit Mammoths can fly, can't they?

This army is growing slowly thanks to my 'lost four weeks that I will never see again' and will need reinforcements soon (Leon will be pleased). I hope to get them up to 2000 points in order to challenge my other Warmaster armies as well as those of my playing chums.

Currently there are three units of Warriors.

Some Command and a couple of Catapults.

Many more troops will follow in due course.

Of course this Warmaster Barbarian army can pass for a Warband Barbarian army.

Just add sabots.

The bases and sabots are in a variety of 'unfinished' states.

The Shamans.

The Commanders.


More Warriors.

And, Yes, you've guessed it, more Warriors.

And the Catapults.

Please keep checking for next weeks thrilling instalment of Me and My Barbarians.


Health Notes.

I am largely over my gall bladder surgery. I have four little belly scars that are not even itchy any more but will make me squeal if you poke them.

I have developed a couple of chest pains which my doctors associate with my invasive surgery although I am far from convinced. A little Voltarol (pain relieving gel) keeps them under control.

My weight loss is starting to bottom out. I am just over a stone (16 pounds USA) lighter than I was and I am really hoping to keep it thereabouts so I am being even more careful with my diet than I was.

I am not allowed to drive yet, insurance restrictions after surgery but that is OK. I should be fine for driving up to Kirriemuir next month.


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend, sir. And yes, of course elephants fly! All you need is a magician on your team who can dabble in the arcane arts of pneumatical and aeronautical magic. The guys with the pointy hats do the best job, IMHO.

    1. Too much hair on these guys for pointy hats but I am sure they will rise (or the mammoth will) to the occasion.

  2. Great looking army.... you just can't have too many hairy barbarians. Copplestone does some great 15mm ones that might work as pumped up warriors? Glad you are recovering ...take it easy.

    1. I'm thinking more of adding some Amazons to beef them up.

      You know 'hell hath no fury like ...'.

  3. Good man - glad you're on the mend. The mammoth is looking excellent. Will you get a game in any time soon?

  4. Not really.

    The main aim at the moment, apart from continuing my recovery, is to have more items ready for charity sale, next show is in November. Next priority is to collect and paint enough troops for one of my new armies to make playing a game worthwhile. I'm not particularly keen on playing more games with the same old armies and same old rules just now.

  5. Fantastic, this army is fantastic!

    1. And as yet a complete virgin at gaming.

      I hope to get them on the tabletop before the end of the year but I have a few life distractions to get out of the way first.

      Keep on looking.