Tuesday 1 May 2012

The Crimean Collection

I am the custodian of my club collection of 15mm Peter Laing Crimean War figures.

These figures have lain in boxes for a decade or two but more recently I have been dusting them off (literally) and rebasing them with a view of finding a ruleset to use them with.

Black Powder is a strong possibility as well as a variant of The Portable Wargame by Bob Cordery.

I have rebased some of the figures already. The Regiments Azov, Dneiper and Odessa, 4 battalions each with 4 close order bases and an optional skirmish base.

The figures are not painted to a high standard but bear in mind that these are Peter Laing originals from the early 70's and have been painted by an number of regular club members. The basing is more recently done by myself.

You can clearly see the scale of the collection here, another 4 boxes of closely packed figures still in their original coat of dust.

I spy some Cossacks, some Turks, some British and some dastardley French. (Excuse me, the French are on our side Sir, we are fighting the Russians)

Light Brigade, Heavy Brigade, Chasseurs D'Afrique and Royal Artillery.

More Russian infantry and their guns. (Charge)

Russian Dragoons and Russian Lancers.

As you can see there is a large amount of rebasing to be done.


  1. Splendid to see them after all these years...

  2. I will be happy if I can see them in combat again!

  3. Good to see the Peter Laings are getting a new lease of life. They always struck me as pretty slender figures compared with Mike's Models and Minifigs which were all the rage in the early '80's when I started collecting 15mm figs but they did have a unique charm about them

    1. Yes, and they were 1 pence each when we paid for them, 2 pence to anyone else.

  4. Have a large collection of Crimean Peter Laing myself which I am ment to be rebasing for Black Powder (very slow job). Got mine in the 70s think the British Lancer is a 'Wargaming Classic' figure !.

  5. You don't half have a lot of stuff in that attic of yours.

  6. Has anyone else noticed the Blogosphere losing replies to comments today or otherwise recently?

  7. Hello Jim
    I was going through the John Haines scans of early 1970s Wargamers Newsletters looking at Peter Laing reviews and adverts. I found reference in June 1974 to the origin of his Crimean War Range from suggestions by Ian Mclellan of the Southwest Scotland Wargamers club, who wanted to amass troops for Crimean war battles / figure collections:

    Out of idle curiosity, Is this the same Crimean War club collection you show here in your 2012 posts?
    Do they still exist as a club collection together?
    Best wishes Mark Man of TIN blog

    1. The collection is what it is and has been untouched since 2012.

      They are in secure storage awaiting their day again.

      One day, one day.