Thursday, 3 September 2015

Buffalo Soldiers

There was a Buffalo Soldier in the heart of America,
Stolen from Africa, brought to America,
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival.

Queue Music:

What do you get from one packet of Bison Riders by Pendraken?

Well, you can get a Warmaster unit.

And a second Warmaster unit.

I am planning to use these in my Pseudo-Orc Warmaster army, as boar riders.

So that is half a brigade.

With an appropriate sabot base (I hope to get some this weekend) you can also get a Warband Bison Riders unit.

And another one.

Or, I can get a slightly better Warband unit (with a different sabot base).

This will leave me with two bases unused so the obvious answer is to buy some more. This will give me two more Warmaster units (making a full brigade) or a total of three fully manned Warband bases. Another purchase for this weekend then.


  1. Nice job. Does the white buffalo have any special significance for this unit?

    1. 'Fraid not Jay, nice idea though.

      The rulesets I will be using do not cater for such a specialism.