Thursday, 10 September 2015

Warband - Barbarians - WIP

Here's how far I have got with the Warriors from the Pendraken Barbarian Pack.

25 figures, including a scratch built standard of three 40 x 20 Warmaster bases and a Pendraken Warband sabot (100 x 50 mm).

Scenic clutter and die to follow.

The are three Warrior units in the pack.

Without the sabots and shuffled around a wee bit they become three Warmaster units.

Here's the Bison Riders from earlier fully tufted up on a Warband sabot.

And off the sabot.

I am planning to use these as proper Barbarians, on the sabots, with the Warband rules.

They also become Warmaster troops without the sabots.

How am I doing?