Thursday, 21 February 2019

Just For You Bob

A games friend recently admired my 10mm figure painting and said

"I don't know how you do it! They are wonderful!

I wish that I had your painting skill ... but my eyesight (even with my new glasses) and the arthritis in my hands mean that I cannot paint that accurately."

I didn't think they were anything special but here is how I do it, just for you Bob.

These are 10mm Pendraken Napoleonics painted in a form of 'toy soldier' style. It works for me.

This is the figure cleaned up and mounted on a painting stick with a blob of blu-tac.

I use a Revell number 3 brush which is not that small.

I paint the entire figure white, a sort of undercoat.

I paint the arms, front and back blue and the back of the coat leaving the front of the jacket, the legs and the head white.

I paint the entire head, face and hair and helmet black and the boots black.

I paint the sword including the hand gunmetal.

I paint the plume red.

I paint the face and the hands a flesh colour. I forgot the left hand, will get that later. I use a Coat d'arms 3/0 brush which is a little bit smaller.

I paint the sword scabbard and belt black.

I paint two little V shapes white on the coat tails.

I gloss varnish the entire figure. I will paint the base green later just prior to basing.

This is how he will look when based up.

This is how a full wargames unit looks.

None of this painting requires excellent eyesight, adequate will do, a lot of the end result is dependent on using the correct technique, This is my technique (one of them anyway). Once they are 4 foot away they will look dandy.


  1. Jim,

    You make it look so simple ... and I'm tempted to give your method a go. I'm going to Cavalier on Sunday, and I will look out for some 10mm figures to experiment with. (I'm thinking of buying some ACW or Colonial figures as if I managed to paint them successfully, I'll get some use out of them.)

    All the best,


  2. It looks simple because it is simple.

    Good luck at Cavalier.

  3. I block paint 10mm on black undercoat. Then I gloss varnish, but use normal basing. The gloss really brings the colours out and gives an old school look.

  4. Nice little tutorial Jim and a very effective 'Old School' look:).

  5. Very nice indeed

    Take care


  6. How many would you get done in an hour? Very nicely done, at the moment I use the 2 foot rule but with the eyesight deterioration it will soon be the 4 foot rule!

    1. Quite a few.

      The example quoted above was done in isolation so is not a good test of throughput.

      I've just done another batch in preparation of another 'how-to' for Bob. This involved 9 figures in which I left one out at each painting stage and I will be posting them down to Bob for his own assessment.

      That batch was done in one evening alongside many other distractions so I could have done twice as many or even twice as many again in the same time. Some of the delays are just waiting for the paint to dry.

      A week or two ago I painted seven 8 figure battalions, three 5 figure cavalry regiments, three gun batteries with 4 crew each and about half a dozen mounted staff officers in about one week.

      I did not rush and did have some other distractions so I could have done more.

      I've just started 17 8/10 figure battalions of Austrians, undercoat in one evening, boots and helmets in evening two. I expect to do muskets and packs in another evening followed by hands and faces the next evening. Another evening would see them finished, varnished and based.

      Keep an eye on my blog.