Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fingers On Buzzers

What am I up to?

I'm ditching a lot of these:

and I'm making a lot of these.

Just what am I up to?

Answers on a postcard or in reply to this post.


The best clue is in the first picture!


  1. Looks like you're doing magnetic bases.

    1. Warm but not quite the answer I was hoping for!

  2. Rebasing one or more of your armies?

    If I'm right, you have my sympathies

    1. I am Tamsin, I am. Thank you for your sympathy.

      In fact it is a 15 year old army that I hope to play with again once I have resolved the 'biodegradement' (is that a real word) of the bases.

      Can you tell what they are yet?

  3. Out here in Sunny West Lothian I'm doing my bit to bang the Warmaster drum. I now have Dwarfs, Orcs and Lizardmen. Converts old and new are busily painting: Araby, Bretonnian,& Dogs of War, thanks to Carronade purchases. Added to that our local group can field Chaos, Undead, High Elfs, more Dwarfs, more Lizardmen and (allegedly) Empire.

    Once your undead horde are rebased, do you fancy coming over for a game sometime?

    1. That's a great motivation to get them finished but that may well after Claymore.

      I've literally just re-found the rulebook and hope to read them soon.

      What points count do you guys normally play?

      Do you use any of the rules in the Warmaster Annual?

  4. If you fancy a game before that you are more than welcome to borrow an army.

    We normally play 2000pts. Late starters sometime play 1500 so everyone finishes around the same time.

    LivingRulebook is the best version. Its all free. See pdf links on Right Hand Side of army Selector tool.

    Thinking of having a get-together in September. Hall available. One day, three games, linked by a narrative.