Friday 5 June 2015

Knights in White Satin

Never reaching the end.

(Apologies to the Moody Blues)

Sorry, no white satin, just acrylic paint and polyurethane varnish.

I came across some part painted soldiers while rummaging.

They are Warmaster Empire Knights so I thought I would finish them.

Here they are.

Nice, aren't they?

Wait a minute, I'm sure I have more of these somewhere.

Here they are too!

That's a whole Warmaster brigade now.

Talk about reaching the end.

Unfortunately reaching the end will mean some Pistoliers, some Halberdiers and on and on and on.

One day.


  1. Fantastic stuff Jim. I've never played Warnaster, but I hear it talked about more and more at the moment (impressive for a game so long out of print!). I'm told the rules are a clear ancestor of Rick Priestly's more recent Hail Caesar- I shall have to look into it...

    1. Hi Joe

      Warmaster is a complete package in its own right and also a devil in disguise.

      It is a complete package in that the rules are mature with only one major revision. There is a website that I can drag out of my memory which will give you access to the PDFs of the rules and errata. They are good rules and are the ancestor of quite a few others including Hail Caesar.

      The devil is that if you wish to collect Warmaster figures is that they are out of production and on sites like eBay they are fairly expensive. There are quite a few who use proxy armies by other manufacturers to keep the cost reasonable. Some even use cardboard counters.

      I'll send you some more information by email in the morning.