Wednesday 4 April 2012

Macedonian Cavalry - Tufted

Here they are, Macedonian Cavalry unit, ready for combat.


  1. Oh I do like the tufts. We've come a long way since using coloured sawdust on our figure bases.

    What type of tufts have you used?

    1. These tufts are by 'miniNatur', a German company, the part number is 737-33. I bought them at show from Mutineer Miniatures at a cost of £17. It's a fairly big box.

      I have heard some guys saying that 'so-and-so's' tufts are exactly the same as 'someone elses' tufts and they are half the price. I must find out the details as I'm sure I'll need to buy some more soon.

    2. I thought that's what they were. I posted about them last year -

      And I tend to use them with most of my figures although the static grass still gets an outing from time to time.

      The "so and so" tufts are I think the tufts from the Army Painter which are apparently miniNatur Tufts in Army Painter packaging but are a lot more expensive, so you are probably best to stick with the tufts direct from miniNatur via Mutineer

    3. That's pretty well the same story as I've heard (or read).