Wednesday 4 April 2012

Latest eBay Purchase and Paint Stripping

I acquired this collection of second hand ancient Greeks from eBay, 46 figures in total and I hope to get at least two useable units from them. They cost less than £20 plus postage and I was hopeful that I could just touch up the painting and get them into battle ASAP. They are a mixture of Garrison and Hinchcliffe.

Sadly the painting is not quite up to it so I am resigned to stripping them and starting afresh.

These three figures attracted my attention first as by themselves they are unusable in my ruleset as even the smallest minor unit needs at least five figures. I thought they would be excellent candidates for stripping with oven cleaner.

This product caught my eye in the supermarket so I thought I would give it a try.

Here they are after a few hours soak. The paint appeared to be completely unfazed.

Time for Plan B

I've used this stuff before and I know it works very well. It doesn't half stink though. Outdoors only, or at least out of the house.

Within seconds I could see the paint reacting and within a few minutes I thought they were ready to come out.

A gentle scrub under a running cold tap brought them to this finish. Alas one of the bows broke.

A quick repair with superglue gel has sorted that out.

Sharp eyed viewers will notice the excessive amount of flash on these figures which was very evident once the paint had gone. I am suspicious that these three figures may be 'recasts' so they will be consigned to the 'forgotten' box.

I shall blog later on the rest of the eBay batch once I have cleared some domestic duties.


  1. Domestic duties - the curse of every wargamer!

  2. Don't know if you are or have been a married person Kingsley but it's one of these things that retired married couples sometimes do. I mean that I cook for my good lady on a regular basis. When I was working I expected to come home to dinner on the table even when my wife was working too. It's a way of making up for all those years and it's a good 'brownie' point earner as well.

    The rest of the time I get to wargame in peace!!

  3. I am indeed married Jim. As my wife works in Dundee and we live in Arbroath it is usually her who is coming home to her dinner on the table.

    And I have just finished a couple of hours of ironing so yes I think that it is a way of earning "brownie" points, although the missus doesn't always see it that way!

    1. Oooh Ironing.... I wouldn't be allowed to do that!!



      Must try and meet up at Carronade.