Tuesday 17 April 2012

Holiday Reading List

Here is a selection of books from which I will be selecting my reading list for my forthcoming holiday. I would be keen to hear any valid opinions from those of you who have read any of these books although I would not welcome any spoilers!

SNUFF, Terry Pratchett,a Discworld Novel, a XMAS present which I've been hanging on to for the holidays.

British Dreadnought Vs German Dreadnought, Mark Stille (Osprey),  hopefully this will remind me of all the things I have forgotten about dreadnoughts.

Battle On The Seven Seas, Gary Staff, German Cruiser Battles 1914-1918, should be a good read.

Napoleonic Wargaming, Neil Thomas, yet another set of rules.

Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815-1878, Neil Thomas, looking for ideas.

I have a few more on order which should arrive before I leave in three weeks time.


  1. Have you read any Pratchett yet? I hope so!
    At any rate, my opinion is his books are always a good read. I have Snuff in my pile of books to read, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    1. Hi FB

      I have read many many Discworld novels. They are great.

      I also liked the TV versions and in particular Going Postal.


  2. I think I know how the dreadnought book ends, but I'll not give it away....

  3. I've read, and kept all the Pratchetts, including the childrens books. I usually enjoy them so much that I'm banned from reading them at bedtime! SNUFF was a little dissapointing in my opinion, but perhaps I read it on a bad day.
    Wargaming the 19th century is on my 'slush pile'. I've dipped in but need an in depth study.
    You seem to have a very eclectic mix, something for all tastes.Enjoy.

    1. Hi Joppy

      I read my first Discworld novel in bed late at night.

      I woke my wife up with the bed shaking as I was giggling to myself so much.

      I still giggle a fair bit!