Sunday, 20 April 2014

Oblivion Landscape

One of the things my late chum did before he died was to donate his Hexon 2 collection to me. This was a marvellous gesture on his part as Hexon 2 is not cheap although it is very good at what it does.

Unfortunately he had bought blank hexes and had applied his own terrain finish. This was OK but they didn't match any of the flocked sets I already had. No problem, I thought, as I had planned on making up some hexes with special features to use with our Sci-Fi and Fantasy games.

I stripped one of the single hexes bare and then applied a lava field effect taking my inspiration from a PC game called Oblivion.

The darker segments are just corrugated cardboard cut into shapes, glued down and topped with a plaster and then sand finish. Finally a paintjob produced the effect I was looking for.

Here is a 28mm Sci-Fi trooper for scale.

I think I may make more of these.