Friday, 11 April 2014

Ready, The Tufts

Since I am painting British infantry for the Peninsular War I thought I would do a couple of mounted officers to tag along with them. This was helped by my friend having started one already.

Here they are:

One of these is entirely my own painting. Can you tell which?

This is one of his!

And this is one of mine!

Here they are together again, with Tufts!

 A nice pair!

Now for another battalion.


  1. A VERY nice pair, you're right! Beautiful work...

    1. PS

      There's an error on one of the figures which I hope to correct this evening!

  2. No Phil, they are adequate. A good painter could do so much more with figures such as these. They are better than the '4 foot away' requirement which is all I was after.