Tuesday 29 April 2014

Oblivion - The Lava Flows On

I made some more lava hexes.

Here they are alongside some standard Hexon II tiles.

I think I'll make some intermediate tiles to blend in the 'join', so to speak.

The 'join' is a bit abrupt.

The archers seem unwilling to advance, depending on their arrows to dominate the lava field.

These are GW Empire plastic archers painted in a variety of house colours and form part of my humanoid fantasy army. The painting style is semi-old school, block painting finished with a coat of nut brown ink and matt varnish. The bases are magnetised.


  1. What nut brown ink do you use? See you at carronade.....

  2. Windsor & Newton.

    Available at Hobby Craft and any good art store.

    I will be manning a couple of stalls at Carronade, one for Iains charitable donation and another for my downsizing project. Going through Iains lead mountain has made me realise just how much stuff I have stashed away.