Saturday 1 December 2012

Big Board Portable Wargame: Modern - Teaser

Just a quick post to say that the playtest has been completed but you will have to wait until Sunday before I blog the After Action Report.

Here's a snippet before the action hotted up! A 6pdr anti-tank covering the road east supported by a section of infantry and a machine gun. They can hear tanks in the distance.


  1. Hi Jim,

    Looks good and I reckon that 10mm is a great scale for the Heroscape stuff. I am really looking forward to the report!

    All the best,


  2. Yes DC, if you didn't know that these figures were 10mm and that the Heroscape tiles were only 45mm across you would perhaps think that these were 15mm or 20mm figures.

    Certainly there are plenty of details on the Pendraken 10mm figures and vehicles that a good painter can bring out whereas my 'impressionist' style of painting makes not too bad a job of them either (Not bad for 62 year old eyes).

    Well done Pendraken!!