Saturday 29 December 2012

The Christmas Brigades - Next Steps

Today I got going with the blue coats of the regular Union infantry.

Undramatic as you can see. The bits to be careful with are the neckline, the bottom edge where it meets the trousers and around the hands on the end of the sleeves. Overpainting the backpack is not a problem.

Here's the whole lot so far.

Now comes the smaller areas of colour, brown on the hair, black on the boots, the bottom rim of the kepi, the backpack, the cartridge pouch and the cross straps and finally dark blue on the kepi.

The Sharpshooters get a similar treatment although mostly in brown.

Past halfway with this Regiment then.

And the Sharpshooters too!

Hopefully I can do the finishing touches tomorrow and get to the all important gloss varnish stage.


  1. Really enjoying watching your progress with these Jim. Thanks for posting.


    1. Yes, some seem to like semi-focused ramblings such as these.

      I certainly like the 'blogging' part as it provides a touch of therapy which is always useful. It might also help my memory as to how I got some of my stuff on the tabletop as I have an abysmal memory for some things.

      Now what was I doing again...

  2. Lovely work Jim. I admire your progress!

  3. An impressive amount of painting going on !

    1. I'm only painting for 2 or 3 hours at a time on the days I can manage, not every day.

      When I want to get an awful lot done I can sometimes double that.