Tuesday 22 March 2016

Je Suis Bruxelles

Words fail me except to say that I plan to visit Belgium later this year with my wife and some friends.


  1. ik ben brussel...for the Flemish!

  2. Jim Duncan,

    I began to write a long blog entry about today's events ... but have decided to put it to one side and to sleep on it. (My thoughts and sympathy go out to those who were affected by these attacks ... but seeing Donald Trump's reaction annoyed me so much that I rather lost my rag and wrote a polemic against people like him who try to make political capital out of such events.)

    Your blog entry said everything that needed to be said ... and said it better.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Bob

      Like interior decorating sometimes less is more.

      I am going to Crisis in Belgium later this year, I am taking my wife and will be with a wargaming friend and his wife. I've worked in London during an IRA bombing campaign, I've been to New York right after September 11, I've even been in Liverpool during the Toxteth Riots.

      I sometimes despair reading about the current electioneering media reports from America. Surely common sense will prevail at the end of the day.

      I will be in the States during May and June so I might get a chance to speak to some real Americans and get the story straight from the horses mouth.

      It may have been a sad week this week but I will continue to exercise my freedom and not give in to those who would wish otherwise.

    2. That may be a challenge and a half and here's me thinking I was getting some rest and recuperation by the pool in sunny Florida.