Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hessians in the Frame

Todays purchases were modest, some paint, you all know what paint looks like, a few collies which I've posted about before and some Hessians which were a first for me.

A Warlord Games box of AWI Hessians costs £18 and looks like this.

The contents allow 30 miniatures to be made up, 24 musketeers, fusiliers or grenadiers including two officers, a sergeant, a drummer and two ensigns and 6 jaegers.

There is a multiplicity of head options which need to be carefully analysed but you can get something like this from the box.

The various options are fully detailed in a four page handout, shown below.

As you can see there is a ton of detail to get through as well as loads of flags and I'll post the results when I get there.


  1. I didn't use to rate Wargames Factory stuff but the newer stuff looks loads better! I have a box of the militia they are fair better then the older kits, 100% better

    1. I've used their various products for quite some time now. They can't be beaten for price and the quality has been everything from adequate to quite good.

      I will give these sprues a good look at in daylight tomorrow and will also blog the end result when I get there.

  2. Will you be using them for the Rebellion or the Seven Years War?

    1. They are part of my AWI project.

      All my 7YW stuff is in 10mm.