Saturday, 27 February 2016

Revenge for the Rebellion

In my AWI Project I expect to be playing a few different sets of rules as well as using a few different sizes of figures.

Here is one of my Kallistra 12mm units of Continentals. Four bases, 40 x 20, 8 figures each.

One of the rulesets I plan to use is British Grenadier which uses markers for Disruption Points.

I made a few, fifty in fact.

What are they made of?

Little coins covered with some scenic material.

What was my revenge?

Well I used these little coins that even the beggars in Chicago don't want.

How are they used, well like this.

Unobtrusive aren't they!

What did it all cost?

Fifty little coins, (gravel, sand, paint, varnish, static grass, clumps) all from stock, so 50 cents.



  1. You should have used Nickels, with Thomas Jefferson on it. He's the guy who wrote some Declaration or other.

    Or quarters, with George "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" Washington. Of course we named the Capitol City after him; with all the politicians, so maybe he's suffered enough.

  2. There were a few nickels and dimes in the bag but not enough to make a useful collection of markers.

    We tend to keep quarters aside as we use them for the laundry machines in our timeshares.

  3. Great modeling with the 12mm troops.

    1. Of the three sizes I am currently painting the 12mm are proving to be the ones I can process easiest.

      The 6mm are very fiddly and I'm currently blocked half way through a 28mm unit.