Sunday 21 February 2016

A Sheep, a Sheep, a Kingdom for a Sheep

Well, I got myself a sheep.

Actually I got more than one.

Wait a minute, I'm sure I got more than two.

Sorry, no, there's more.

Nope, more!

Keep going.

Any more?

What's that? Is it a black sheep?

No, it's Angus, he's a bull.

Sheep. £1 a pair from Irregular Miniatures.

Great service, quick delivery, cost effective, customers are flocking to them (intentional pun).


  1. This post almost put me to sleep (just kidding)

    Nice flock. Is there some sheep raiding in the offing?

  2. Flockin' marvelous (I'll get me coat).

  3. Well, I've heard the expression 'Breeding like rabbits', but multiplying like sheep is a new one on me. Sheep rustling scenario anyone?

  4. Replies
    1. I needed a few for my own games, Dux Brittaniarum etc. and I had also done a small commission for farmyard animals for a friend which didn't include any white woolly sheep so I got twenty quids worth, less postage and a highland coo so that made thirty odd sheep.

      I've since sold a dozen to said friend so I have plenty left my own purposes.

      I've had one suggestion that uses sheep as 'shaken' markers, that's maybe a go-er.